Preparation for potential AASUA strike or lockout

28 February 2022

As you have probably heard, there is a real possibility that the members of the Association of Academic Staff of the University of Alberta (AASUA) will be taking strike action. Should this happen, there are things you can and should do to prepare.

When the strike occurs, your supervisor will most likely be part of the work stoppage. You, however, are still expected to work. This means performing your regular duties. However, you are not to take on extra duties that are normally done by your supervisor or any other AASUA member. We should have a conversation with your supervisor about this. Please make all work arrangements before the strike begins.

We would also like to highlight that your supervisor may not have their university email address should a strike happen. Therefore, you should make sure to obtain an alternative email address from them to ensure continuous communication.

For those of you that are anticipating an extension or renewal of your contract, it should be done in advance of the strike. Your supervisor may not be available once their work stoppage begins.

Regarding the picket line, it is not the PDFA who are on strike. You have an obligation to continue your work. If you have concerns about crossing a physical picket line, make arrangements ahead of time with your supervisor to do your work from a remote location such as your home.

These are just a few of the changes that you may have to make. Start thinking of other issues that may arise and attend to them as soon as possible before the strike is officially announced. Strikes do not happen overnight, there is sufficient time to prepare for the necessary changes if you act accordingly.

If you need assistance or have questions about what is written here or specific concerns to discuss, please contact the PDFA about them, either at or