Leadership Development

Leadership Statement 

“Leadership, we know, requires action and purpose. Leadership demands that we build on our existing foundational strengths; experience and disseminate the power of transformative ideas and opportunities; excel in all that we do; engage across disciplines, communities, and sectors; and sustain the vibrancy of our multi-campus communities.” (For the Public Good)


Goals of the Office 

Committing to the vision of leadership set forth in For the Public Good requires that university leaders have opportunity to collaboratively discover best practices, learn from one another, and invest time in their personal and institutional impact. To that end, we offer information sessions, workshops, and collaborative learning opportunities for:

Vice Provosts 
Vice Deans
Chairs (& chair-like positions in non-departmentalized faculties)

We also work with academic leaders to provide a suite of in-unit, facilitated sessions that address their current leadership challenges. 

We also acknowledge that stepping into a leadership role is both an institutional and personal commitment. This means that the people who take on these roles have the opportunity to grow as people and to expand their own capacities as leaders. We offer opportunities for networking, values exploration, and personal growth for people who have stepped into these roles. 

Additionally, we collaborate with HRS and PLLC to offer women’s leadership programming for the university community.