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About the Program


The Summer Program in Kyoto runs every year for 5 weeks in Kyoto, Japan at Ritsumeikan University. The program runs from May to June each year. The 2020 Japan Summer Program in Kyoto runs from May 12 - June 12, 2020.


1. Japanese Language Classes.
Language classes will be conducted for three hours each weekday morning, providing an intensive and thorough introduction to the Japanese language. Particular emphasis is placed on oral communicative skills, which is the most difficult element of language learning when studying in North America. This program is expected to provide a solid foundation for continued language studies in Japanese. Students will take a language placement test upon their arrival which will determine which level of class they will enter out of the following six levels:

  • Beginner I
  • Beginner II
  • Beginner III
  • Intermediate I
  • Intermediate II
  • Advanced

2. Japan Studies.
A series of lectures which are designed to complement the language curriculum by providing students with a general overview of Japanese culture. Lectures focus on such topics as business, history, sociology and traditional culture and are conducted by specialists in these fields. As well as having the chance to become more familiar with the finer aspects of Japanese culture in class, students also have the opportunity to take part in various fieldwork activities each week to reinforce what they have learned in class.


Students stay at dormitory. Find new and life time friends! Quad (Bunk bed x 2)

Information Sessions

Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 3:30 pm (TELUS Centre 134)
Tuesday, January 28, 2020 at 3:30 pm (TELUS Centre 131)

Questions can be directed to

Program Costs

The cost of the Summer Program in Kyoto for 2020 is as follows. Costs shown are approximate and subject to change.

1. Summer Program Fee: $3,800*

  • Program Fee (241,000 JPY) $3,000
  • R.U. Service Fee (5,000 JPY) $60*
  • Accommodation Fee (60,900 JPY) $740*

2. Administrative Fee: $150

3. Airfare (Edmonton – Osaka – Edmonton) $1,400

4. Other Expenses: $1,000
Travel Insurance/Local Transportation/Food/Entertainment, etc... ~$1,000

Total Cost: Approximately $6,350
*the monetary amounts based on the exchange rate of November 2019 and are subject to change.

Note: Tuition and fees for this study abroad program are NOT eligible for tax credit. Revenue Canada stipulates that programs where tuition and fees are paid to a host institution outside of Canada, and are less than 13 weeks in duration, are not eligible and will not appear on your UofA tax credit (Form T2202A).


To be considered and accepted to the Summer Program in Kyoto, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria below:

  1. Applicants must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be eligible to apply for this program.
  2. Applicants must be post-secondary students and currently registered at an accredited university in Canada. Applications from other Canadian post-secondary institutions are welcome.
  3. Candidates are expected to have taken at least JAPAN 102 or equivalent.
  4. Students who have resided in Japan for more than one year will not be considered.

Students at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan 2008

University of Alberta Summer Program in Kyoto (2008) students at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan

Credit Transfer Information for Summer Program in Kyoto

All students must achieve a minimum grade of C from Ritsumeikan University in order to be considered for transfer credit. The Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta has pre-approved the courses offered in the Ritsumeikan University Summer Language Program for University of Alberta transfer credit in JAPAN 2XX (*6) or JAPAN 3XX (*6). Please note that these transfer credits are not guaranteed to satisfy the requirements of your degree. The Department of East Asian Studies, in particular, does not accept credits in JAPAN 2XX or 3XX as substitutes for JAPAN 201, 202, 301, or 302. You should first consult with an advisor in your department/faculty to ensure that the preapproved credit outlined here is applicable to your degree program. A Permission to Participate Form must be signed by your faculty prior to your participation in the program (please see “How to Apply” details). If you are a participant from another Canadian institution, consult with your university for credit transfer details.

Please click here to download the credit transfer details sheet.

Travel Awards for the Summer Program in Kyoto

Here are some of the travel awards available for students participating in the Summer Program in Kyoto:
The Prince Takamado Japan Canada Memorial Fund Summer Travel Award
 Value:  $750 CAD each
 Awards:  Up to Five (5)
 Open to:  Undergraduate students participating in the Ritsumeikan Summer Program in Kyoto who have a minimum GPA of 2.5. This award is not limited to residents of Canada.
 Deadline:   Friday, February 14, 2020

 Download and complete Application Form (be sure to include your statement of intent)

   Submit complete application form along with an original academic transcript and a statement of how attending the Summer Program in Kyoto will benefit you in your studies to:
   Prince Takamado Japan Centre for Teaching and Research
 201 TELUS Centre, University of Alberta
 Edmonton, AB T6G 2R1


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the prerequisites for the summer program?
    Please see the 'Eligibility' section.
  2. Do we need to submit an official transcript, or can it be unofficial?
    University transcripts must be official ones. The transcript from high school may be unofficial if official ones are hard to obtain.
  3. Will the students travel together or separately? Can I travel in Japan and/or to other countries after the program?
    Students are free to book their own flights according to their desired personal schedules. The Prince Takamado Japan Centre can offer help in booking a flight if required.
    You are free to travel within Japan during your free time while you are participating in the program. However, students who require a visa to be in Japan will not be allowed to enter Japan prior to the start of the program, and must also leave immediately after the end of the program. All students are free to travel to other countries before or after the program.
  4. Do I need to be immunized before going to Japan?
    No special vaccinations are required for travel to Japan.
  5. Do I need a Visa to go Japan? What are the procedures?
    If you are a Canadian citizen, a Visa is not required.
    If you are in Canada on a Student Visa, a Visa MAY be required. Please check the following site.
    Any student that requires a Visa to enter Japan MUST make arrangements to get one before they depart from Canada. Arrangement procedures and all fees required for getting a Visa are the student's responsibility.
  6. If I withdraw from the program will I receive a refund?
    No guarantees are made, but if you withdraw before the start of the program we will try to arrange a refund of the program and accommodation fees. However, we will keep the administrative fee to cover the financial cost of taking care of the cancellation.