MPH Programs

Are you looking for public health education that combines a theoretical and a hands-on approach? If you are, then you would benefit from a master of public health degree program.

This professional, course-based master’s degree will provide you with opportunities to gain strong practical and community leadership skills. You will have access to programs that will prepare you for a more structured and focused application of knowledge. You’ll also have ways to learn about public health through a variety of administrative contexts. 

NOTE (on October 12, 2017): We are excited to announce that we recently completed a review of our MPH core competencies and curriculum with a goal of increasing the public health practice readiness of our MPH graduates. We anticipate implementing our new MPH integrated interdisciplinary core courses in fall 2018.

Effective fall 2018, these new core courses will be required for students admitted to any of the seven degree specializations. The total credits required for each specialization will not change. Some new core courses may require an immersion component.

Please check this page for updates.

[ Highlights ]

  • Build on your undergraduate training or enhance your career experience with advanced knowledge and skills.
  • Spend the first year with a cohort of peers.
  • Complete a four-month, full-time* practicum.
  • Complete a capstone project.
  • Study on campus or at a distance.**
  • Take five core courses common to all MPH degree specializations.
  • Choose specialization courses and electives.
*The practicum may be completed on a part-time basis.
 **First-year core courses may be available through e-learning.

[ Benefits ]

  • Enhance your career prospects.
  • Experience collaborative learning with other students.
  • Practice what you learn and gain hands-on experience.
  • Integrate your learning and demonstrate skills in collaboration, evaluation and analysis.
  • Work where you live.**
  • Gain a firm foundation in public health knowledge.
  • Gain in depth knowledge and acquire more skills related to your interests.
MPH Course Layout

This Course Layout summarizes all of the degree requirements, including core courses, specialization courses and electives.



Practicum and Capstone 


Minimum Length

Applied Biostatistics

45 16 months
Environmental and Occupational Health
16 months 
Epidemiology    45 16 months
Food Safety   
45 16 months 
Global Health   45 16 months
Health Policy and Management   51 20 months
Health Promotion
(available on campus or online)
  42 24 months