Professional Development

Fellowship in Health System Improvement

Here are the 2016-17 participants of the Fellowship in Health System Improvement, including individuals from across Canada, along with their instructors.

With Canada’s health system performance trailing many other countries, there is now a critical need for leaders who bring about transformative change. 

Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Do you want to:

  • increase your knowledge of health and health system performance.
  • enhance your personal and organizational leadership skills.
  • build your understanding of international health systems.
  • develop the ability to lead transformative change.

If these things appeal to you, and if you are a current leader or senior manager in a health system, then our new Fellowship in Health System Improvement may be for you.

Program Format

This program is designed to enable current leaders and senior managers in health systems to integrate learning with their demanding work schedules.

  • The program runs over five weekends between September 2018 and April 2019. Two weekends are held in Banff, the remaining three in Edmonton.
  • The program utilizes blended delivery, making use of both online learning and in-person meetings. 

Program Features

The program will provide a unique mix of learning and action oriented experiential opportunities including:

  • participation in the International Ideas Marketplace, the Leadership Prospectus sessions and the Action Learning Projects 
  • peer learning through small group work
  • support from an experienced health system mentor versed in both academic and policy worlds throughout the program
  • interacting with speakers who are linked to the change agenda in Alberta and other Canadian jurisdictions

Content Areas

Participants will dive deep into the following thematic areas:

  • The big picture: Health status and health system performance in international context
  • The political environment and managing health system performance
  • Using LEADS to drive innovation and improvement
  • Developing a quality culture
  • System transformation

Professional Continuing Education Credits

Discussions are underway to provide professional continuing education credits to physicians, nurses, and other health professional groups.

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada - Participants can claim their credits in MAINPORT, under Section 2 - Formal Course.

College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta - Participants can claim the Fellowship towards their annual Continuing Competence Program.

The College of Family Physicians of Canada - Participants can request Mainpro+ credits for involvement in a Fellowship program under the Self-Learning, Certified option.

School of Public Health, University of Alberta - Participants who complete the Fellowship program may, if they satisfy the regular admission standards, apply to one of our graduate degree programs. If admitted, students may be exempt from a number of electives.

Who should attend

The program is designed for people with significant health system experience who are eager to enhance their capacity to lead transformative change. Enrolment will be limited to 24 students.