Research Administration Process

Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how we can help you by finding what step of our Research Administration Process your research project is in.

This is a dashboard view of our Research Administration Process with all six steps visually displayed - 1. Find Funding Opportunity 2. Develop and Submit Proposal 3. Finalize Funding Documentation 4. Activate Project Account 5. Manage Funding 6. Project Account Close Out

Step 1 of our Research Administration Process - Find Funding Opportunity - We provide assistance to identify funding opportunities for research projects.
Step 2 of our Research Administration Process - Develop & Submit Proposal (Application) - Once you have identified an opportunity, your proposal needs to be developed so requirements of both the sponsor and university are met (including appropriate signatures).
Step 3 in our Research Administration Process: Finalize Funding Documentation - If you have been notified by your sponsor that your proposal was successful or you have received funds without submitting a proposal, you will need to work with us to finalize the necessary documentation.
Step 4 of our Research Administration Process: Activate Project Account -Once your documentation is finalized, we will enter your financial information into our grants management system to activate your project account and provide you with a speed code. You can now begin spending money.
Step 5 in our Research Administration - In addition to managing scientific progress, you need to carefully manage your spending throughout the life of your project. This includes reviewing financial reporting, ensuring expenses are eligible and requesting any necessary amendments or subgrants.
Step 6 of our Research Administration Process - Project Account Close-Out - At the end of your project you will need to work with us to close-out your project account. Close-out activities include final scientific and financial reporting, handling unspent funds, and addressing outstanding financial issues.