Documentation Required for NIH Sub-Grants

The following nine pieces of documentation must be completed and submitted for signatures to the University of Alberta (U of A) co-applicants, department, faculty and Research Facilitation Office for signatures.

1. Documentation Required for NIH Sub-Grants

Use the Quick Reference Guide - Request for New Application/Proposal/Project via Online Approvals form. U of A Co-Applicants need to acknowledge online.

Note: The Pre-Submission Supplementary Signature page is no longer being used as signature pages are now created through the Researcher Home Page.

2. Intention to Enter into a Consortium Agreement

The template on the last page should be filled out, printed on U of A letterhead, and signed by the co-applicant from the U of A. The Consortium Institution signatures are not required. The Authorized Administrative Official Signature will be provided by the research facilitator.

3. NIH Face Page for University of Alberta Co-applicant

The NIH face page (this document) should be completed and circulated for signatures with the complete package. (See the 398 fillable form if applicable).

For the U of A business numbers required on the face page, please refer to the University Identification Numbers page.

4. NIH Face Page for Principal Investigator

This is required as the U of A will need to enter into a consortium agreement with the principal applicant's university and will require the information on the principal investigator's face page.

The NIH face page does not need to be signed by the principal applicant's officials, and, if the budget is not finalized, these spaces can be left blank. (This page would be part of the original application).

5. Project Summary

Use this template for applications using 398 forms.

6. Sub-Award Budget Pages

Please include the sub award budget pages including the budget justification.

It is also necessary to include the facilities and administration costs (or indirect costs) for the U of A under section H "Indirect Costs". The U of A indirect costs are 8% of direct costs (excluding equipment). Our authority to request 8% is not as a result of an IDC rate agreement; rather, it is as a result of a NIH notice: DHHS Notice NOT-OD-01-028, Eft 10/01.

For more information, read this DHHS notice.

The co-applicant's name, the budget period and the U of A DUNS number should be completed at the top of the sub-award budget page.

7. Biographical Sketch for Co-applicant from the U of A

The U of A co-applicant should complete and circulate a biographical sketch. Find a biosketch template at:

8. Resource Page for the U of A Portion of the Research

Please complete a resource page. Find templates at:

9. NIH Checklist

Find the checklist template at:

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