Meaning of Signatures

Principal Investigator

The principal investigator's signature means that he or she:

  • Agrees to abide by the sponsor's and University of Alberta's regulations governing awards
  • Will use the grant only for the purpose for which it is awarded
  • Identifies certification requirements for use of animals, human subjects and biohazardous materials
  • Agrees to abide by the sponsor's and University of Alberta's regulations regarding animal care, ethical considerations in the use of human subjects in research, and biohazard
  • Agrees to provide copies of certification approvals to the Research Services Office prior to starting the project
  • Certifies that the information provided in the application is complete and accurate
  • Has included all the costs of the project in the budget including indirect costs where permitted by the agency
  • Has full understanding of sponsor's and University of Alberta's policies with respect to graduate student rights, confidentiality provisions, conflict of interest/commitment and treatment of intellectual property and
  • Fully understands and accepts sponsor's timelines, reporting obligations and other deliverables


The signatures of the co-investigators mean that they:

  • Also agree to the above and
  • Agree that the principal investigator will administer the grant on behalf of the group

Dean(s) and Chair(s)

The signatures of the dean(s) and chair(s) certify that:

  • The investigator(s) meets the sponsor's eligibility requirements
  • The department(s) and faculty(ies) are willing to administer the research funds in accordance with university and sponsor policies
  • They are aware of the proposed project
  • Adequate space and other resources will be available to carry out the research in a responsible manner according to University of Alberta policies, e.g., intellectual property, conflict of interest/commitment, one-over-one signatures, delegation of signing authority and
  • The budget information has been reviewed to ensure that it is appropriate, realistic, and contains appropriate indirect costs where allowable

Research Services Office/Research Facilitator (RSO/RF)

The signature of the RSO/RF certifies that:

  • The research is consistent with university and sponsor policies, including those associated with animal care, biohazards, and ethics approval with respect to human subjects
  • The institution will release funds to the Investigators once all conditions and necessary certification requirements have been met and
  • The University of Alberta will administer the funds on behalf of the investigator in full compliance with both sponsor and university terms and conditions