Signature Requirements for Studentships & Fellowships

Signatures for Studentships and Fellowships

Students do NOT need to obtain an RSO signature on studentship/fellowship applications if:

  • the granting agency does not require an institutional signature; AND
  • awarded funds are paid directly to the student.

Students may need to contact the Research Services Office (RSO) on occasion. If a research application requires an RSO signature on behalf of the University of Alberta, students and postdoctoral fellows must contact their Research Partner.

Examples of studentships/fellowships that DO require an RSO institutional signature are:

  • Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions studentships
  • Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Alberta Lung Association scholarships
  • Alberta Paraplegic Association studentships & fellowships
  • Associated Medical Services student awards
  • Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation Junior Personnel Program
  • Canadian Lung Association fellowships
  • CIHR fellowships/studentships
  • MITACS Accelerate Program
  • Miscellaneous studentship/fellowship programs

Students or postdoctoral fellows who are uncertain if a studentship/fellowship application requires an institutional signature should contact their research facilitator at least five business days before the deadline date. Students are encouraged to talk to their department contacts as well to see if there are other internal deadlines.

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