RSO Internal Submission Deadlines for Proposal Request Institutional Approval

Under the UAPPOL Research Administration Roles and Responsibilities Procedure, the Research Services Office (RSO) is responsible for approving and signing research applications (proposals) on behalf of the University, where RSO approval indicates the proposal meets applicable University policies and procedures and sponsor requirements.


RSO Administrative Review Requirements

  • Applies to both internal and external sponsors.
  • Attach a copy of the complete application as a single PDF attachment. Do not attach multiple partially completed working documents for internal approvals (word documents, excel spreadsheets, etc) as this may result in a send back by RSO, causing delays.
  • A complete application includes the application form (when applicable) with all accompanying documents. Once the application is submitted to RSO, the team members and budget can no longer be modified except for changes based on the feedback provided in the application review.
  • Proposals must be received at RSO during core business hours at least 5 business days in advance of the sponsor deadline.
  • An 8 business day internal deadline applies for CIHR project grants, NSERC Discovery Grants, SSHRC Insight Grants due to high application volumes.
  • Earlier internal deadlines also apply for Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs. Please refer to the Research Services funding opportunities database for more information

NOTE: Departments and Faculties have their own earlier internal deadlines for proposal review and approval. Make sure you check with your Department and Faculty on their deadlines.

The RSO administrative review includes the following: 

  1. Checking that the proposal is complete and conforms to sponsor eligibility and guidelines
  2. Reviewing the budget pages for sponsor and UofA eligibility of expenses 
  3. Ensuring compliance with the sponsor's Indirect costs of research policy
  4. Reviewing eligibility of partner organizations and contributions (program-driven)
  5. Reviewing letters of support to determine if they contain the required information
  6. Identifying unique and/or complex terms and conditions (e.g. terms that would prevent students from being able to work on the project for thesis based work, publication restrictions, or limits on future use rights) and working with applicant and sponsor, as required, to address any issues prior to the application being submitted
  7. Checking that the proposal meets the relevant University policies and procedures


RSO Compliance Review Requirements

Applications received after the 5 business day internal RSO deadline (during core business hours) will only be checked for compliance with U of A policy and sponsor compliance requirements (e.g. Financial Conflict Of Interest (FCOI), certifications and declarations) as it relates to the institutional approval only as outlined below:

  1. Verifying the sponsor and institutional eligibility of applicants (PI, Co-PIs, Partners, Institution)
  2. Checking for sponsor compliance (eg: FCOI, certifications & declarations)
  3. Ensuring that all required signatures/approvals are in place (Sponsor and UofA) 

Principal Investigators (PIs) and Department and Faculties roles and responsibilities as they relate to Proposal submission are outlined in the UAPPOL Research Administration Roles and Responsibilities Procedure

Documentation Required for Applications with Lead Investigators at other Institutions

U of A co-principal investigators or co-applicants on applications with lead investigators at other institutions, must create a new application request via the Researcher Home Page (RHP) and obtain online approval prior to submitting their application for review and approval by RSO. The following documents must be included (as a single pdf document only):

  • A copy of the lead institution’s application (even if it is still a draft document) AND the UofA scope of work and budget submitted to the lead institution.
  • A copy of the UofA letter of support/commitments (when applicable)
  • A copy of the signature page (when applicable)

Please note: When UofA researchers are co-applicants on an NIH grant, additional documentation is required. Please click here for additional details.