Apply for Residence

Before you begin your application, check out our first-year and upper-year housing options and find the residence and suite style that works for you. Also be sure to read our policies concerning cancellation and electronic communications.

Step 1

Obtain your CCID

Get your CCID by applying for admission to UAlberta. Please allow 72 hours for activation. You do not need to be admitted to your program to apply for residence.

Step 2

Submit your application and pay the fee

Log into your Residence Account using your CCID and fill out your application. Pay the $25 non-refundable application fee by credit card and submit.

Step 3

Confirm your space

Check your UAlberta email regularly for our room offer and accept by completing your confirmation contract linked in the email. 

Start My Application

Frequently asked questions

What if my plans change suddenly and I need to cancel my application after accepting my offered room?

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy for information.

Will you have options for self-isolation after I arrive in Edmonton?

Students who are required to self isolate can access a support package that includes a single room with private bathroom, meal delivery, daily check ins and access to campus and community health services. This service will continue to be offered throughout the term.

Can I change my application after I submit it?

Yes! Simply send us an email to from your UAlberta email account and request your change. Please note, your “application submission date” will change to match the date you submitted your change request.

How do I make arrangements for special accommodation?

If you have a condition that affects mobility, vision, hearing, learning or physical or mental health, please contact Accessibility Resources for campus support, who will provide us with a recommendation so we can best assist you. For any other special requirements, please contact us at before you submit an application. We strive to accommodate special needs and concerns to the best of our ability.

How do I pick my own roommate?

To pick your own roommate, you need to submit a roommate request.

  1. Apply for residence
  2. In the application, choose the same preferred residence building and unit type as your roommate(s)
  3. Complete the Roommate Request and Questionnaire portion of the application. You must include your roommate(s) 7-digit ID number
  4. Ensure all roommates request you on their application

To make changes to your roommate request or your roommate questionnaire after you’ve submitted your application, email

We recommend you apply at the same time as your preferred roommate(s) to help ensure you’re assigned together.

Am I guaranteed my roommate?

Roommate requests are guaranteed for Fall 2021 if the steps under "How do I pick my own roommate?" are completed by July 1.

Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis, so roommates are encouraged to apply at the same time to ensure the best possibility of being assigned to their first choice of residence and unit type.