School of Library and Information Studies


  Danielle Allard
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of Toronto, 2015

5-166 ED North
(780) 492-2605

Research Interests: Information practices of newcomer and migrant communities, archival decolonization, Indigenous community and activist archives, critical information studies, inclusion of marginalized communities, cultural heritage, knowledge domains in digital and real-world information institutions
Michael McNally
Michael McNally
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Western Ontario, 2012

5-171 ED North
(780) 492-3934
Research Interests: Intellectual property and its alternatives, information policy, user-generated content, university knowledge diffusion and innovation mechanisms, telecommunications policy and radio-spectrum management
 Tami Oliphant Tami Oliphant
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Western Ontario, 2011

5-169 ED North
(780) 492-2033
Research Interests: Information behaviour and information practices (particularly in the area of consumer health), digital platforms, publishing and media and their relationship to the librarianship and information professions, and critical approaches to library and information science
 Dinesh Rathi

Dinesh Rathi
Associate Professor
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008

5-165 ED North
(780) 492-8797

Research Interests: Use of machine learning, data mining and other methods to make e-mail based customer support system more efficient, knowledge management, management information systems
Brenda Reyes Ayala
Brenda Reyes Ayala
Assistant Professor
PhD, University of North Texas, 2018

5-170 ED North
(780) 492-0121
Research Interests: Web Preservation, Multilingual Information Access, Information Retrieval, and Big Data. As part of her dissertation, she developed a theoretical model of information quality for web archives. At the University of North Texas she was a researcher for the Multilingual Information Access Project, a large, multi-year project funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), with the goal of helping non-native speakers of English access digital library information through the use of Machine Translation (MT) technologies. In the past, her work has been published in the Journal of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL), and the Annual Review of Cultural Heritage Informatics. 
  Toni Samek
Professor and Chair
PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998

7-167I ED North
(780) 492-3932

Research Interests: Critical librarianship, library ethics, rights & values, intercultural information ethics, global information justice, human rights, intellectual freedom, social responsibility
 Ali Shiri Ali Shiri
Professor, Associate Chair and Graduate Coordinator
PhD, University of Strathclyde, 2004

5-163 ED North
(780) 492-5315
Research Interests: Information retrieval interaction and user behaviour, user-centred search term selection and query expansion, knowledge organization systems in digital libraries, web-based thesaurus interfaces and applications, social tagging, visual interfaces to digital libraries, subject-based information gateways, metadata and Internet resource organization
  Adam Worrall
Assistant Professor
PhD, Florida State University, 2014

5-168 ED North
(780) 492-0179
Research Interests: Social informatics, ICTs and information-centric communities, boundary objects/boundary spanning, social information behavior, digital libraries, scientific collaboration, social media, social/community theories in LIS
  Dangzhi Zhao
Associate Professor
PhD, Florida State University, 2003

5-161 ED North
(780) 492-2814

Research Interests: Knowledge network analysis and visualization, information systems, scholarly communication, citation analysis, bibliometrics