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Mauricio D Sacchi, PhD

Professor & Chair, Deparment of Physics



About Me

  • BSc (1988), UNLP, Argentina
  • Ph.D. (1996), UBC, Canada
  • Assistant Professor, UofA, 1997-2001  
  • Associate Professor, UofA, 2001-2005
  • Professor, UofA, 2005-
  • Chair of Physics, UofA, 2010-2015
  • Chair of Physics, UofA, 2016-
  • Editor-in-chief, Geophysics, 2015-2017



In collaboration with graduate students, I have been researching in the area of statistical and transform methods for seismic data processing, waveform imaging and inversion in applied and global seismology. Over the past ten years, we have become recognized for the development of algorithms for multi-dimensional seismic data reconstruction, de-noising and the application of sparsity promoting methods to seismic data processing. We are currently studying problems of optimal acquisition design for simultaneous source acquisition, imaging, and full waveform inversion.


  • GEOPH 326 (Introduction to Seismic Imaging) Winter 2019
  • PHYS 699 (Advanced methods for geophysicists) Winter 2019
  • GEOPH 326 (Introduction to Seismic Imaging) Winter 2018
  • GEOPH 326 (Introduction to Seismic Imaging) Winter 2017
  • PHYS 699 (Full waveform inversion) Winter 2017