How it works

We ask that internship placements meet the following criteria:

  • Align with a student's academic pursuits
  • Are assigned a supervisor to provide regular, constructive feedback to help interns grow professionally
  • The supervisor should be:
  • a full time staff member, on site
  • knowledgeable and experienced in the student’s field of studies
  • being able to speak to the tasks the student will be assigned
  • meet with an internship coordinator at a midpoint site visit
  • provide a midpoint and final evaluation of your intern 
  • Pay a wage at a rate comparable to industry norms
  • Full time work (30 - 40 hours/week) 
  • Are 4, 8, 12 or 16-months in length (it is possible to extend the duration as long as it does not exceed 16 months)
  • Start in January, May or September

Recruitment Timelines

For your convenience, SIP follows a continuous recruitment cycle to allow employers the flexibility of posting, interviewing and hiring on your own schedule. We recommend peak recruitment periods to increase chances of accessing a wider pool of candidates.

 Position Start Date  Peak Recruitment Period  Continuous Recruitment 
 January   September - October  November - December
 May  January - February   March - April
 September  April - June  July - August

Steps to hiring an Internship Student

  1. Submit a free job posting through SciWorks
  2. Review application materials and select candidates to interview
  3. Arrange interviews directly with the students, through SciWorks or with assistance from our team
  4. Provide a Letter of Offer directly to the successful applicant
  5. Student starts placement