What is the Science Internship Program (SIP)?

The Science Internship Program allows small to large size companies to hire students for certain periods of time to support their operations. SIP students possess a solid knowledge base and technical skills set from their academic courses and labs, with many students having additional research and volunteer experience in scientific fields. Employers can choose from a wide range of talented students from different departments.

What other employers say about the program

Benefits of hiring a SIP student

  • Risk-free method for companies to evaluate prospective hires.
  • Interns are a great source of employees for peak load periods
  • Access to a vast pool of talented students
  • Students can act as a secondary recruiting role since students return back to university and spread the word if they had a great experience


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Key Facts

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During an Internship

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Disciplines available

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Wage Subsidies

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Wage Subsidies


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