How it Works

A typical science student might plan to incorporate a Science internship with their 4-year BSc program as follows. Check the SIP schedule for current application and program dates. 

Year 1 of study
  • Consider attending a SIP Information Session in September
  • Complete your introductory courses as usual (complete a minimum of *24 to be eligible for entry into SciWorks September of 2nd year)
 Years 2
and 3 of study
  • Attend a SIP Information Session in September
  • If you have completed a minimum of *24, apply to enter SciWorks by the end of September
  • Attend seminars on resume writing and interviewing to improve your career-seeking skills
  • Prepare a concise and professional resume
  • Read job postings in SIP’s job database, SciWorks, and apply to those of interest
  • Attend interviews with the employers who have selected you
  • Continue the application and interview process until you find employment, or locate your own position
  • Accept a position and inform your department of your decision
  • SIP automatically registers you in the necessary work experience courses depending on the length of your placement: WKEXP 955 (1st term), 956 (2nd term), 957 (3rd term) and 958 (4th term)
  • You must complete a minimum of *48 and have completed no more than *105 to go on placement 
  • You must maintain a 2.3 GPA in the previous Fall/Winter to go on placement
  • Start your 4, 8, 12 or 16-month work term in January, May or September
  • Meet with your employer for a progress review once you complete the 3-month probationary period
  • Meet with an SIP Coordinator during your virtual or on-site visit
  • You and your employer complete evaluations at the end of your placement
  • Students MUST complete a cumulative of 8 months of internship experience before entering INT D 400 for the SIP designation to appear on your parchment.
 Final year of study     
  • Complete INT D 400 (SIP capstone course) 
  • Complete your remaining courses
  • Graduate with the Science Internship designation on your parchment