On your Placement

When you are on your placement, the SIP program will connect with you at several points. 

Probationary Evaluation

  • After a 3-month probationary period, a probationary evaluation form will be emailed to you and your supervisor to ensure the internship is mutually productive.
  • If both parties are satisfied, the internship continues to completion.
  • If either the you or the employer are dissatisfied, the internship may be terminated and you will return to continue your studies during the next school term.

Site Visits

A SIP department coordinator will arrange a site visit or phone conversation (depending on placement location) to take place around the halfway point of the internship. This conversation with you and your supervisor may include topics such as:

  • A review of your work performance and progress 
  • Evaluating student and employer satisfaction
  • Obtaining feedback on student preparation and administration of the program 

Final Evaluation

A final evaluation document will be emailed to you and your supervisor towards the end of your placement. Employer evaluations become part of your departmental record and may influence the final grade of credit or no credit given.