Why Internships?

Enrich your education:

  • Build your strengths, clarify your interests and goals
  • Develop technical and work-related skills
  • Apply classroom knowledge to hands-on, real-life situations 
  • Build competencies and learn to market yourself to employers
  • Graduate with a great resume packed with relevant work experience
Prepare for your future:
  • Explore where your degree might take you after graduation
  • Establish a valuable network of contacts and references
  • Boost your chances of landing a great job after graduation
  • Earn money while you build your skills

What the Research Says

A 2014 report on Experiential learning from the Council of Ontario Universities found that graduates with relevant work experience are ahead of their peers in the following ways:

  • The National Graduates Survey shows bachelor's level graduates with internship experience earn more than their peers, have higher employment and full-time employment rates and a more likely to have paid off debt two years after graduation.
  • Applied learning programs (like internships) strengthen students' marketability and can vastly improve career prospects at graduation.
  • Thousands of students have found full-time work in their fields of student as a result of experiential learning opportunities at university.
  • In an increasingly competitive job market, experiential learning makes students workplace-ready, setting them up for career success.