A Steadward Centre outdoor program with young participants

The Steadward Centre wants all people experiencing disability to have access to meaningful, quality participation opportunities in sport and physical activity.

We foster community and individual achievement and excellence in Adapted Physical Activity and Para sport by applying innovative research, widely sharing our expertise and delivering quality programs with and for individuals experiencing disability.

When you give to The Steadward Centre, you become a part of something bigger. You are helping to make our community better. Here are some of the ways your donation will have a positive impact on our community members experiencing disability and their families:

  • Children and youth experiencing disability will learn how to ride a bike by working one-on-one with a qualified instructor.
  • Athletes experiencing disability will get better at swimming by practising with our Para swim team up to four times a week.
  • Adults experiencing disability will get stronger and more physically fit by exercising with an instructor who knows how to develop an individualized program.

Thank you for considering making a donation to TSC!