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The Student Innovation Centre is designed to empower student creativity beyond the classroom; we're here to help you build your vision-- from ideation to production, transition to entrepreneurship, and everything in between.
Book project rooms and resources for student innovation and entrepreneurship projects

Taking that first leap in our centre takes different forms, depending on your goals and progress. That's why the Student Innovation Centre offers a variety of resources, facilities, and equipment to support you as you explore your creative potential.

Drop-in and bookable workspace

Flex your creativity in the Student Innovation Centre by making use of our state-of-the-art facility modelled after modern tech start-ups, offices, and collaboration spaces. Drop-in project space is available at our tables and counters for students working solo, teams looking to collaborate organically, or students consulting with staff to find their next big idea.

The Student Innovation Centre also has a number of bookable project rooms. These rooms are dedicated to maker projects, competitions, and student ventures. These spaces are not to be used for class-related work; instead, let our facilities take your creativity beyond the classroom, and explore something new!

Cutting-edge technology

The Student Innovation Centre doesn't just offer space to help turn your ideas into reality, we offer technology and expertise to help make them happen.

Bring your mobile device or laptop and share your ideas with your team on the big screen. All project rooms contain a 4K television with collaboration software enabling wireless casting from any device.

Just some of the equipment available to students includes:

  • High-performance computing stations

  • Microsoft Hololens

  • HTC VivePro

Approved users can gain access to all these resources; and if the Student Innovation Centre doesn't the technology you need for your project, we can help connect you with the resources across campus to make it happen.

Request room & equipment bookings

The student innovation centre has a number of bookable project rooms. All project rooms contain a 4K television with collaborative software for to enable wireless casting from any device (mobile, laptop).

Email to book.

These rooms are dedicated to maker projects, competitions, and student ventures and are not to be used for class related work.

This cutting-edge project space offers:

  • Drop in space for planning and building your next prototype

  • Breakout rooms for team meetings

  • Ongoing workshops, events, and seminars to boost creativity and ideation

  • Access to technology including 3D printers, specialized microscopes, and software

  • Expert mentors in science fields from programming and machine learning to molecular biology and robotics

  • Resources for groups transitioning to entrepreneurship