Campus Life During the Pandemic: In Photos

Campus life looked very different this past year. Thanks to some photo submissions received from the U of A community, we take a look at just some of the ways teaching, learning, and working changed for all of us.


President Flanagan greets students moving into residence in Fall 2020.

While this year’s coursework in the lab may look a little different than usual, one thing remains the same—ensuring safety while giving students the opportunity to develop hands-on scientific skills. Here, undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science attend in-person chemistry labs during the Fall 2020 semester. Photo: John Ulan
U of A chemists in a lab on campus, helping to produce hand sanitizer in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of the Department of Chemistry produced 1,600 litres of hand sanitizer on campus. The first batch was shared among the U of A community, but scientists went on to provide sanitizer for the City of Edmonton, local elementary and high schools, Boyle Street Community Services, and several rural and Indigenous communities across the province. Photo: John Ulan
Preparation is the key! Ensuring the wall is clean, the ropes are safe, the holds are sanitized—these are just some of many new safety protocols staff at the Wilson Climbing Centre put in place in Summer 2020 to ensure clients and youth camp participants enjoy their climbing experience in a safe environment. Photo: David McWeeny
The Pandas Volleyball Club Photo: Connor Hood
Augustana chemistry professor Liz McGinitie spent the summer developing a three-week analytical chemistry course that could take place in the Fall of 2020 under strict public health restrictions. Although plexiglass, physical distancing, and face shields became a part of their lab, the students were thrilled to be able to take part in some in-person learning. Photo: Tia Lalani
The Butterdome Pavilion hosted an Alberta Health Services testing and assessment site in Spring 2020. Photo: Alberta Health Services
A number of campus safety measures, including mandatory masks in indoor spaces, were implemented to keep our community safe.
Though COVID-19 prevented Faculty of Science from from opening museums and collections facilities, virtual lab and museum tours were offered online.
On March 13, the U of A announced it would suspend in-person classes, two days after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Almost overnight, campuses became ghost towns. Photo: John Ulan

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