2022 Celebration of Service and Excellence Awards

Each fall the university hosts the Celebration of Service award ceremony to recognize faculty and staff members.


Each fall the university hosts the Celebration of Service. The award ceremony recognizes all faculty and staff members who have attained service milestones of 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service within the calendar year. As part of the celebration, we also recognize individuals and groups who are nominated by their peers for outstanding contributions to healthy and vibrant workplaces.

Excellence in Leadership 

Dr. Denise Campbell-Scherer 28850_serviceandexcellence-awards_campbell-scherer_2520x1800.jpg

Denise is an admirable leader, she has one of the most important qualities a leader should have - the ability to empower others. She focuses on relationship building, motivation and always shows respect. She has created an open and safe environment where we can share our thoughts. 

Denise’s innovative ideas inspire us to dream. She cares deeply about the health and welfare of the staff. She allows and encourages everyone on the team to have ideas and share those ideas, and provides opportunities to grow. She believes in, and trusts, members of our team, even when we might not truly believe in ourselves yet. 

As a leader, Denise inspires us through her actions; by giving respect and consideration to others, by supporting those in need, by giving encouragement, by being a good listener and communicator, and by showing their appreciation for a job well done. Her leadership is about people; always thoughtful and considerate. 

Excellence in Learning Support 

Dr. Dinesh Babu 28850_serviceandexcellence-awards_babu_2520x1800.jpg

Dr. Dinesh Babu is passionate when it comes to science, and it is really evident during his interactions with us, both in his experimental demonstrations and scientific discussions. He explains complex scientific concepts enthusiastically and effectively in a way that addresses each individual student’s needs as it pertains to their project. 

Dinesh ensures that all the student’s suggestions are well received and implemented. He also comes out with creative and imaginative ideas to design the experiments/posters but at the same time provides everyone an opportunity to share their views to bring up the best output. He has been a constant source of motivation and enthusiasm to develop confidence in all the students who are working with him.

He is an excellent colleague to work with. He loves to help other trainees in the lab with no hesitation. He doesn't only give expert support and guidance for the trainees' projects but also engages with everyone in the lab, making them comfortable. He offers words of encouragement and kindness to others, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all those around him and bringing a positive attitude. He is always cheerful and optimistic and sees the best in everyone around him. Moreover, he is highly respected by all his colleagues. 

Dawn Kieller

Dawn consistently demonstrates her willingness to listen to the students and makes necessary recommended improvements each year to constantly improve the labs. No lab runs perfectly all the time and if helpful suggestions are made, Dawn listens and reacts. This feedback is obtained during the labs and through student evaluations, but mostly via the former as Dawn is ever-present in the labs checking in with the GTAs and most importantly with the students to make sure every lab is successful. 

Dawn has an excellent working relationship with both instructors and TAs as well as trust and respect of the students. Dawn routinely established a good rapport with the students by attending parts of the lab session to provide additional technical support. Besides ensuring to accommodate the needs of students, she further volunteers to help during projects for students working on their own. These are very few examples of Dawn’s essential and excellent contributions to student learning outcomes. 

On several occasions, I have seen students giving Dawn tokens of appreciation at the end of the academic session in recognition of her help throughout the course. Some former students of the course also sought out Dawn for technical advice after they have become graduate students themselves. 

Annual APO, FSO, MaPS and Librarian Recognition Award 

Gisele Gaudet-Amigo 

APO Award 


Gisele is a wonderful and impactful leader, a quality that is very rare. She pushes those around her to be the best they can be, while respecting differing needs and challenges.Her empathic nature and work ethic shine during any interaction with her and she will go to any length to ensure someone is supported. 

Gisele brings great solutions to issues that come up during meetings, remains reliable, thoughtful, and brings a high degree of energy to all that she does. 

Along with Gisele's ability to provide work-related advice, she also has become someone we can rely on as a safe place to share challenges whether these be work related or not. She is someone who really cares about the mental health of her co-workers and understands our work cannot be completed if we are not in a safe and welcoming space. Not only does she demonstrate that she is a positive role model for people by being inclusive and putting wellness as a priority within the workplace, she also has established herself as someone who will always be there to listen to challenges you face and help you navigate through these challenges. 

Tracey Stephen 

FSO Award 


Tracey has a great sense of humour, which she uses strategically to promote a welcoming and positive atmosphere in meetings and classes. She readily recognizes the contributions of all team members with verbal affirmations and other kind gestures. 

Tracey is an integral member of several Faculty of Nursing leadership teams and committees. She is looked to by team and committee members for her common sense ideas and her wise reflections on what works well and not so well.She regularly demonstrates strategic thinking to help us move beyond ordinary ways of doing things. 

Tracey fosters a positive work environment by promoting respectful team work, recognizing efforts and accomplishments, and listening to and supporting the NSC team. She provides guidance to staff and faculty on maintaining work-life balance and on furthering their education and preparation for current and future roles. 

Annual Support Staff Award 

Bev Findlay


Bev has a rich institutional memory and intricate knowledge of the administrative complexities of the Faculty and University. She is the administrative glue that holds the Faculty together. She is detail-oriented, precise, organized, and frugal, with exacting standards in everything she does. 

With her wealth of knowledge, Bev is always willing to lend a helping hand—to co-workers, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty. If you don’t know something, Bev will be able to tell you directly or point you to the right person to help. Over the years, she has provided quality mentorship to countless people, assisting them with integrating into the work environment. 

Bev’s ability to make everyone feel welcome speaks to the positive environment that she has been central in creating. Even after 35 years, Bev knows most of our alumni and stays in touch with many. She knows the birthdays of many staff and faculty, and has a history of hosting Faculty gatherings at her house, contributing to good relations in the Faculty. 

Clement Yau 


Clement is always a cheerful and very engaged team member. While working online, Clement played a key role in creating and maintaining a positive, productive and resourceful work environment. 

We’ve never seen him out-of-humour. He always treats his co-workers with kindness, dignity and in a friendly manner. Even in pressured situations, he always maintains a calm and responsive demeanor. 

His dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm, and his incredible attention to detail- which we witness on a daily basis - is not only a benefit to the administrative and instructional staff that he works with directly, but also to students, faculty members and everyone who interacts with him.

Celebration of Service

The Celebration of Service recognizes faculty and staff members who have service reflecting 25, 30, 35, 40 or 45 years of service within the 2021 calendar year:

45 years

  • Lorraine Huntley, Dining Services 
  • John Vederas, Chemistry 
  • Connie Wildman, Faculty of Extension 

40 years

  • Murray Brice, Grounds 
  • Robert Fedosejevs, Electrical & Computer Engineering 
  • Stuart Glassford, Campus & Community Recreation 
  • Robert Gora, Maintenance Division 
  • Paul Hansen, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science 
  • John Jodoin, Maintenance Division
  • James Maclagan, Biological Sciences 
  • Tim McGaw, School of Dentistry 
  • Greg Olson, Surgery

35 years

  • Mark Ackerman, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Barbara Billingsley, Faculty of Law 
  • Joanne Bruha, Physics 
  • Corinne Callihoo, Office of the Registrar 
  • Sandra Cockfield, Medicine 
  • Peter Davis, Faculty of Nursing 
  • Michael Dawson, Psychology 
  • Harvey Friebe, Anthropology 
  • Sharon Gannon, Computing Science 
  • Philip Halloran, Medicine 
  • Jack Jhamandas, Medicine 
  • Stephen Kent, Sociology 
  • Dale Lien, Medicine 
  • Paul Major, School of Dentistry 
  • Marek Michalak, Biochemistry 
  • Linda Reif, Faculty of Law 
  • Lorne Roth, Physics 
  • John Salmon, Electrical & Computer Engineering 
  • Kim Solez, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology 
  • Olga Szafran, Family Medicine 
  • Anna Vocioni, Office of the Registrar 
  • Anil Walji, Anatomy 
  • Joan White, Faculty of Education 
  • Roderick Wood, Faculty of Law

30 years

  • Olenka Bilash, Secondary Education 
  • Norman Brown, Psychology 
  • Robert Creaser, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
  • Jodi DeAlexandra, Office of the University Architect 
  • Michael John Duke, Oncology 
  • Vivian Dziadyk, Medicine 
  • Shaniff Esmail, Occupational Therapy 
  • Rob Ford, Augustana Campus 
  • Charity Hellquist, Finance Partnerships 
  • Shane Kimber, Medicine 
  • Vikas Mehrotra, Alberta School of Business 
  • Katharine Moore, Research & Innovation 
  • Nimmi Nayyer-Dua, Faculty of Extension 
  • Frances Olinkin, Shared Services – Financial Services 
  • Jocelyn Ozga, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science 
  • Gwen Penney, Faculty of Education 
  • James Pinfold, Physics 
  • Elena Posse de Chaves, Pharmacology 
  • Thomas Salopek, Medicine 
  • Kim Sawada, Physiology 
  • Peter Schiavone, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Richard Schulz, Pediatrics 
  • Peter Silverstone, Psychiatry 
  • Lana Sinclair, Faculty of Native Studies 
  • Jeff Stryker, Chemistry 
  • Carl Thulin, Cell Biology 
  • Mari Pizzey, Human Resources, Health, Safety & Environment 
  • Maureen Walker, Information Services & Technology 
  • Heather Wier, Alberta School of Business

25 years

  • Peter Altobelli, Faculty of Engineering 
  • Nadine Badry, Alberta School of Business 
  • Raeanne Barkhouse, Medicine 
  • John Bartoszewski, Faculty of Science 
  • Katherine Binhammer, English & Film Studies 
  • Edward Bork, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science 
  • Peter Boytang, Maintenance 
  • Christopher Bracken, English & Film Studies 
  • Kevin Brown, Faculty of Science 
  • Alan Brownoff, University Press 
  • Dean Budynski, Campus & Community Recreation 
  • Andrew Bush, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
  • Steven Caldwell, Medicine 
  • Janice Causgrove Dunn, Office of the Provost & VP Academic 
  • Rick Chalaturnyk, Civil Engineering 
  • Tongwen Chen, Electrical & Computer Engineering 
  • Lorie Cinq-Mars, Office of the Registrar 
  • Jason Clements, Information Services & Technology
  • Melanie Clements, Information Services & Technology 
  • Kerry Courneya, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation 
  • Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain, Modern Languages & Cultural Studies 
  • Clayton Deutsch, Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  • Kevin Devito, Biological Sciences 
  • Enzo DiCurzio, Alberta School of Business 
  • Howie Draper, Interuniversity Athletics 
  • John Dunn, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation 
  • Abdulhakem Elezzabi, Electrical & Computer Engineering 
  • Duncan Elliott, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Carole Estabrooks, Faculty of Nursing 
  • Brett Finch, Faculty of ALES 
  • Mark Gierl, Educational Psychology 
  • Susan Gilmour, Pediatrics 
  • Kenton Good, Library & Museums 
  • Greg Goss, Biological Sciences 
  • Russ Greiner, Computing Science 
  • Shannon Guenette, College of Natural & Applied Sciences 
  • Stephen Hague, Civil & Environmental Engineering 
  • Dennis Hall, Chemistry 
  • Grant Hauer, Resource Economics & Environmental Sociology 
  • Marilyn Hawirko, School of Public Health 
  • Rob Hayward, Medicine 
  • Frank Hegmann, Physics 
  • Michelle Height, Alberta School of Business 
  • Julaine Herst, Research Services Office 
  • Biao Huang, Chemical & Materials Engineering 
  • Christine Hughes, Faculty of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 
  • Branka Janjic, Campus Services 
  • David Kahane, Political Science 
  • Aditya Kaul, Alberta School of Business 
  • Gregory Korbutt, Surgery 
  • Douglas Korver, Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science 
  • Michael Kouritzin, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences 
  • Kay Kovithavongs, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine 
  • Jenny Koziar, Alberta Law Reform Institute 
  • Delphi Kozmeniuk, Campus Services 
  • Cezary Kucharski, Chemical & Materials Engineering 
  • Duane Lagadyn, Buildings, Grounds & Environmental Services 
  • Robert Lambert, Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging 
  • Frank Marsiglio, Physics 
  • Chesceri Mason Gafuik, Information Services & Technology 
  • Bobbie McDonald, HSLAS 
  • James McKinnon, Faculty of Engineering 
  • Alan McMahon, Medicine 
  • Devidas Menon, School of Public Health 
  • Sourayan Mookerjea, Sociology 
  • Bruce Motyka, Pediatrics 
  • Nganji Mupenzi, Campus Services 
  • Michael O’Driscoll, English and Film Studies 
  • Philomina Okeke-Ihejirika, Women & Gender Studies 
  • Kim Olson, Faculty of Arts 
  • Steven Patterson, School of Dentistry 
  • Brad Perich, Information Services & Technology 
  • Ryan Perry, Research & Innovation
  • Lakshmi Puttagunta, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology 
  • Kim Raine, School of Public Health 
  • Raymond Richmond, Information Services & Technology 
  • Aminah Robinson, Research & Innovation 
  • Kent Rondeau, Alberta School of Business 
  • Benjamin Rostron, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 
  • David Roth, Maintenance Division 
  • Brian Rowe, Emergency Medicine 
  • Chong-Qing Ru, Mechanical Engineering 
  • Fiona Schmiegelow, UAlberta North 
  • Linda Semper, Medicine 
  • Ashfaq Shuaib, Medicine 
  • Uldis Silins, Renewable Resources 
  • Cynthia Strawson, Faculty of ALES 
  • Eleni Stroulia, Faculty of Science 
  • Dennis Sweeney, History, Classics & Religion 
  • Darryl Szafranski, Interuniversity Athletics 
  • Darcie Tessari, Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport & Recreation 
  • Anne Vimtrup, Office of the Registrar 
  • Cameron Wild, School of Public Health 
  • Alan Wilman, Biomedical Engineering 
  • Robin Wilson, Information Systems & Technology 
  • Jo-Anna Wohlgemuth, Augustana Campus 
  • Eric Woolgar, Mathematical & Statistical Sciences 
  • David Zhu, Civil & Environmental Engineering