President Bill Flanagan seeks second term as president of the University of Alberta

University Governance calls for applications for the Presidential Review Committee from the academic community.

Person walking through the snow on main campus.

President Bill Flanagan has advised the Chair of the Board of Governors, Kate Chisholm, that he would like to put his name forward to serve a second term as President of the University of Alberta. President Flanagan’s current term is scheduled to expire on July 1, 2025.

With this notice, the Board Chair has initiated a review process set forth in the Presidential Review Procedure

The review procedure requires the Board Chair to establish a committee to evaluate the performance of President Flanagan against the criteria employed in his search process and appointment. The committee will also evaluate the goals established by the Board of Governors and President Flanagan during his current term.

The composition of the review committee is set out in the Presidential Search and Review Procedure (Appendix A): Committees for President Position Definitions and Eligibility.

University Governance will coordinate with relevant individuals and bodies to fill out the review committee’s membership. 

Through this post, University Governance is seeking membership for this committee from the academic community. 

Pursuant to Appendix A, the university community is advised that three academic staff members are to be elected to the review committee in accordance with the review procedure.     

Applicants wishing to stand for election as an academic staff member of the review committee must be academic staff as set out in Recruitment Policy Appendix A and not otherwise ineligible to serve on the review committee as specified in Appendix A. If you are an eligible academic staff member and would like to put your name forward to serve on the review committee, please apply using this Google form before 4 p.m. on January 25, 2024.

Before applying, please consider the university's commitments towards Indigenous initiatives, equity, diversity, and inclusivity, particularly individuals who are or have been historically under-represented at the university, including women, visible minorities, Indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, and 2SLGBTQIA+ persons.

The Review Committee, once constituted, will include:

  1. the Board Chair; 
  2. the Chancellor of the University; 
  3. two (2) members of the Board of Governors; 
  4. three (3) Academic Staff Members; 
  5. one (1) Faculty Dean; 
  6. one (1) Chair;
  7. one (1) member of the Association of Academic Staff of the University of Alberta; 
  8. two (2) members of the Students’ Union; 
  9. one (1) member of the Graduate Students’ Association; 
  10. one (1) member of the Non-Academic Staff Association; and 
  11. one (1) member of the University’s Alumni Association. 

The final composition of the review committee will be circulated to the university community once established. 

The work of the review committee will be completed between January and June of 2024, anticipating that the report of the review committee and its recommendation will be considered by the Board of Governors at its June 14, 2024 meeting. 

University Governance will keep the university community informed with respect to the progress of the work of the review committee.