A photograph's ability to instantly tell a story makes it a powerful tool to convey the University of Alberta's visual identity. Choosing how to communicate that story visually is as important as the words you choose.

To ensure your images resonate with your audience and communicate your message, there are some key elements that will make your photographs more effective. Unusual angles, showing a candid scenario rather than a posed one, assuring the human element, as well as a well-lit subject, all help the image give a message of professionalism, energy and personality. With the unique architecture present on the U of A's campus, there is an opportunity to use the juxtaposition of the buildings and the subject you are shooting to show our history and our energy.

Choosing technically sound images allows the story to come through without distractions, so make sure to use images that meet a basic level of quality.

There are three ways in which the photo can be reproduced: full colour, monotone (one colour) and black and white. Remember also, when shooting an image for print reproduction, that it must be high resolution (300 dpi) in order to be clear and crisp on the page. Avoid stereotypes, including race, sex, gender and age.