Compliment Slips


  • all text set in black
  • logo produced using two colour design depicted here

1. Name and Credentials, Job Title

  • no periods in initials for middle names (e.g., John H Smith), followed by a comma if credentials are listed
  • Dr, Mr, Mrs, Miss, not used
  • no periods in credentials (PhD not Ph.D.), separate with commas, institution of degree never used, specializations may be added in brackets
  • if there are too many credentials to appear immediately after the name, bump them to next line and list them together
  • if job title is bilingual, separate with a " / " or separate on two lines (French title in line 1, English title in line 2)

2. Address

  • upper case reserved for acronyms only (e.g., ECERF)
  • proper street addresses separated with 'space + en-dash + space' (e.g., 406, 4216 - 64 Ave), suite numbers precede address and are followed by a comma
  • 'St' (not St. or Street), 'Ave' (not Ave. or Avenue)
  • most campus addresses consist of a suite number + space + building name, in cases where only a floor is indicated, format as "2nd floor" or "Level 2" but not spelled out, as in "Second Floor" or "Level Two"
  • University of Alberta does not need to be repeated in the address portion of the cards and does not affect the way mail is delivered
  • 'Edmonton, Alberta' or 'Edmonton AB'
  • 'Canada' + two spaces before postal code
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and postal code on one line is the standard set up, but Canada and postal code may be dropped to a second line, if preferred (in this case, remove the comma after Alberta)

3. Contact Numbers

  • periods are used, no brackets or hyphens, default numbers include area code plus seven digit local number
  • optionally, may include country code (e.g.,1.780.492.5050)

Contact descriptors

  • Campus Saint-Jean cards include spaces both before and after a colon and a '/'
  • 'Tel' or 'Tél / Tel' (not Ph, Phone, Telephone, Office, Voice or Bureau)
  • 'Fax' or 'Téléc / Fax' (not Fx, Facsimilie or Télécopieur)
  • 'Home' or 'À domicile' or 'À domicile / Home'
  • 'Pager' or 'Téléavertisseur' or 'Téléavertisseur / Pager'

The terms below are shared words for French and English:

  • 'Cell' (not Mobile or Cellular)
  • 'Lab' (not Laboratory or Laboratoire)

4. Web and Email Address

  • inclusion is optional
  • 'web', 'http://' and 'web site' are not used, 'www' adequately signifies a web site address
  • 'e-mail' or similar terminology are not used, the @ symbol adequately signifies an e-mail address

Secondary Logos

  • permitted on back only, print surcharges apply, requires a special press setup