For many people, the first contact they have with the University of Alberta is through business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Consistent application of our visual identity in our stationery package will ensure immediate identification and recognition with our many audiences.

Who Can Use the Official Stationery?

University of Alberta stationery is available to faculty and staff working within units administered by the university. Areas within the university having their own identities are not permitted to add official U of A logos as components of their own stationery system.

Undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, temporary employees, and adjunct professors are not permitted to use official stationery. Exceptions to this are allowed provided that an affiliated University of Alberta administrative unit both approves and pays for the cost of the items. Such individuals may place orders for items if they (1) have a departmental speedcode to fund such purchases and (2) can provide written departmental approval at the time of the order with the University of Alberta's official printer.

Secondary Logos

Some administrative units of the University of Alberta have their own logos and provisions in these guidelines allow their inclusion within the stationery system. However, to ensure clear communications with many of our external audiences, secondary logos are generally not permitted on:

  • the fronts/backs of business cards
  • the fronts of compliment cards
  • the fronts of departmental envelopes

Personalization and Customization of Items

Two items in the overall stationery system are meant to be personalized with the name of the individual user: business cards and compliments slips. All other items in the stationery system are meant to clearly communicate the name of the appropriate administrative unit responsible for the item and should not name individuals specifically (e.g., "Office of the President" not "Bill Flanagan").

Conjunctions (and, or), articles (a, the), and prepositions (of, with, at) are left lowercase unless the start of a line. Web addresses and e-mail addresses lowercase unless case sensitive.

To ensure longevity and improve the overall messaging of official stationery, customization of items with the addition of staff or membership listings, slogans, service descriptions, and tag-lines are not permitted (unless they are a graphically integrated part of a secondary logo used by the area). Larger administrative units may include subunit departments and generic contact information according to the provisions shown later in this document.

Official Printer of the University of Alberta

All components of the University of Alberta stationery system are exclusively produced by the Burke Group of Companies Limited. This arrangement offers the lowest overall cost to the university, ensures that official standards are maintained, streamlines ordering, and helps minimize administrative costs. Administrative units of the university are not permitted to have other suppliers produce any of the components included in these guidelines.

Obtaining Official Stationery Items

Professionally offset printed items are available by contacting the Burke Group (780-497-0097). Online ordering of stationery items including business cards, letterhead and envelopes is available through Burke Online.

Paper Stock

The paper used for the stationery and business cards is FSC Certified, 100% post consumer waste recycled, and processed chlorine-free. Paper stock substitutions are not permitted for these items.