Primary Typeface

DIN Pro is the the university's primary typeface. It is available in a wide range of weights and styles with enough variety to accommodate many typographic requirements, from bold headlines to easy-to-read body text.


A limited number of font licenses have been made available at a reduced cost ($45.00) for marketing and communications professionals on campus that work with the university identity on a regular basis. Licenses can be purchased on IST's OntheHub Software Store. You will be requested to provide proof of your academic affiliation during the registration process in order to take advantage of the academic pricing.

External vendors and agencies that work with the university are not eligible for this academic discount but are able to obtain their own licenses directly from the font provider.

Substitute Typefaces

Substitute Sans-serif Typeface

If the primary typeface, DIN Pro, is unavailable, Arial should be used in its place.

Arial is readily available in both Windows and Mac operating systems and should be used for all internally-produced documents, including letters, agendas, minutes, presentations, and interdepartmental correspondence.

Substitute Serif Typeface

Palatino should be used when a serif font is preferred, for example in large bodies of text.