The PARIS Framework provides a simplified approach towards improving access, protection and trust of University records.

The framework translates Records Management Policy,   Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Policy and other University Information Management & Information Technology Policies into specific, measurable and achievable goals.  This enable units to improve their records at their own pace with minimal impact upon the core operations.

Managing Electronic Records in Facilities and Operations

This publication provides guidance on  managing electronic records with a special emphasis on how to manage Google Shared Drives.  This can be used to assist other Portfolios in developing their own rules for managing records in Google or on Network drives.

Special thanks to the Team in Facilities and Operations, and the Student Services Office for putting this together.

Template for developing rules for records

This template provides a template for developing rules for accessing, protecting and trusting University Records.  It supports the PARIS Approach and will support Units in developing their own rules for managing University Records.

Special thanks to the USchool Team for putting this together.


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