2020 Honorees

Meet the 2020 recipients of the Community Connections Awards.

Community Scholar


Shalene Jobin, Community Scholar

Shalene Jobin

Associate Professor, Faculty of Native Studies

A scholar of Indigenous studies, Professor Jobin has devoted her career to Indigenous community engagement through her research, public education, consultations, and the expertise and support she brings into the communities she works with. She has become a respected and sought-after leader in Indigenous community engagement on campus, in large measure due to her proclivity for helping other units and programs to establish respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships. The impact of her scholarship stretches well beyond the university’s borders; Professor Jobin regularly assists government and industry to engage more ethically with Indigenous communities, and helped to establish a self-government agreement between the Government of Canada and the Métis Nation of Alberta—the very first of its kind. Perhaps most notable is her unparalleled ability to cultivate her students’ capacity for respectful engagement with Indigenous communities, enriching their university experience and creating enduring relationships in the process. As a professor, scholar and expert, Professor Jobin exemplifies the many reciprocal benefits of community connections.

More about Shalene Jobin:

Shalene Jobin, Community Scholar

Community Leader


WISEST Team, Community Leader

WISEST (Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science, and Technology)

For almost 40 years, WISEST has inspired and empowered thousands of women, girls, and underrepresented groups to excel in science, engineering, technology and scholarship. Through education, outreach and mentorship, WISEST has reduced barriers and fostered inclusion across STEM fields, and facilitated invaluable experiences and mentorship opportunities for women and girls. More than 18,000 elementary students and 4,000 teachers have attended WISEST’s annual CHOICES conference, and the Summer Research Program generates hands-on experience for high school students by pairing them with faculty and graduate students to work on STEM projects. WISEST has played an instrumental role in attracting young people to science, engineering and technology, as well as retaining and advancing women as they pursue careers in these fields. Throughout its history, WISEST has collaborated with partners and organizations both on and off campus to create a profound and widespread positive impact on women in scholarship. Today, the program has been lauded and replicated across the country.

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WISEST, Community Leader 2020

Message from the Faculty of Engineering

Message from the Faculty of Science

UAlberta Advocate


Grocery Run & Fresh Routes Community Partnership, UAlberta Advocate

Grocery Run & Fresh Routes Community Partnership

Through their community partnership, Grocery Run and Fresh Routes endeavour to help all Edmontonians access affordable, nutritious food and make informed decisions about healthy lifestyles. Their collaborative approach brings together the university, the City of Edmonton, community farms and gardens, nonprofit organizations, cultural associations, and local businesses to better tackle food insecurity and waste. Together they have created a city-wide food rescue network that redistributes tonnes of food each month; over the past two years they redirected nearly 39,000 meals that would otherwise have gone to waste. In addition to reducing food insecurity and waste in the city, the community partnership has generated many opportunities for experiential learning and volunteering at the U of A, as well as community-engaged research that advances program and policy development, methodology and evaluation. The community connections forged by Grocery Run & Fresh Routes provide both a critical service to Edmontonians, and meaningful impact for the U of A community of students, faculty, staff and alumni.

More about the Grocery Run & Fresh Routes Community Partnership:

Grocery Run & Fresh Routes Community Partnership, UAlberta Advocate


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