University Relations

University Relations raises awareness and enhances understanding of the University of Alberta, internally and externally. We bring to light stories that showcase our faculty, staff and students, connect the university with its many communities and advocate for the U of A as we advance our promise of uplifting the whole people.
Celebrating our community connections.

The Community Connections Awards

Our strength in research, our capacity to create positive change and our role as champions of learning all rest on the relationships we hold with our communities.

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University Relations Portfolio

Government and Community Relations

The Office of Government and Community Relations (GCR) develops and implements strategies to engage critical stakeholders in the three orders of government and in the community to advance reputation, foster and maintain relationships and secure resources in support of institutional goals.

University Brand and Communications

University Brand and Communications is composed of three teams that together manage the U of A's reputation with the public through media relations, strategic communications initiatives, marketing campaigns, and brand and design leadership across the university:

Key Initiatives

University Relations leads and determines strategy for external and internal U of A initiatives, including:

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