Dos and don’ts to help your claims get processed faster

07 March 2023

Follow these top tips to help you submit an accurate and well-documented travel or expense claim and reduce the likelihood of delays in getting reimbursed.


  1. Save and submit supporting documentation in PDF format. Sending other file types could delay your claim's processing.
  2. Number your receipts/documentation to match the expense line item in your claim. If you’re submitting several expenses in one claim, consider numbering your supporting documentation to match the expense line item. This helps to expedite the review process.
  3. Submit your travel and expense claims by March 17. This will ensure that the expenses are recorded in the correct fiscal year. Tip: Set a calendar reminder to give yourself some time to compile and submit your claims.


  1. Don't forget to click "Submit"! This is a simple step but it's crucial to make sure that your claim has been successfully sent in for approval, otherwise, your claim will remain pending. When you’re done filling in your claim, click on the attestation check box, then click “Submit Expense Report.” Once you see the confirmation page, click "OK" to acknowledge that the report has been submitted to view the submitted report. Want to see where it goes next? Click “Refresh Approval Status” to view the Approval Routing.
  2. Don’t mix personal and business expenses. Avoid paying for business expenses using your personal credit card. If you incur personal expenses during your trip, pay for them separately and do not include them in your expense claim.
  3. Don’t bundle all your trips in one claim: Create a new claim for each separate trip and its associated expenses.

For more tips, review the travel expense and (non-travel) expense claims pages.