Architecture and Design

Athabasca Hall, North Campus

Campus Buildings

The history of UAlberta's architecture goes back more than 100 years. The university's original construction was guided by the 1912 Campus Plan, and led by prominent architects like Percy Nobbs, Frank Darling and Cecil Burgess. The university's first building was Athabasca Hall, which was built in 1911.


Today, UAlberta's architecture is still very much the soul of the campus community. Our buildings reflect the university's identity and are the foundation for everything that happens on campus - from teaching and research to living in residence.



Campus Open Space

UAlberta's grounds add to the quality of the campus environment. There are many open spaces on campus, which provide lots of room for enjoying the outdoors or hosting events.

Some of UAlberta's impressive green spaces include:

The Main Quad on North Campus-a large, grassy park surrounded by trees outside the Students' Union Building (SUB) and the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science (CCIS), which is perfect for studying, relaxing with friends, playing a game like Frisbee, or hosting a barbeque or picnic.

The Garden Behind the Humanities Centre-a beautiful garden with a pond and a small dock, which is a great place to sit and enjoy nature.

The Geoscience Garden-a large rock installation outside the Earth Sciences Building that represents Canada's geological heritage.

The Community Garden at Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ)-a beautiful community garden with a water feature located behind the main CSJ buildings.

The Quad with the Centennial Sculptures-an impressive three-piece art installation in a beautiful park on Augustana Campus.