Facilities & Operations plans new construction and renovations to meet UAlberta's growing need for more research, teaching, residential and office space. Our talented team of planners, architects, engineers, project managers, consultants and contractors carefully plan each project-from the programming to the overall design concept to signage-to make sure it aligns with the university's Long Range Development Plan and sustainability goals.

Space Management

Space Management assesses, plans and allocates space for UAlberta facilities. Learn how we help university faculties and departments manage their space needs.

Office of the University Architect

The Office of the University Architect holds a key role in campus planning at UAlberta. Learn how we contribute to campus planning, and architecture and design at the university.

Design and Technical Services

Design and Technical Services provides technical design support for capital and renewal projects at UAlberta. Learn about our technical guidelines for drawings and designs, excavation permits, and safety codes.

Signage and Wayfinding

Signage and Wayfinding helps UAlberta students, faculty, staff and visitors easily navigate our campus. Learn about our wayfinding systems, or find a sign template for your workstation, office, laboratory or classroom.