Campus Saint-Jean, the University of Alberta's francophone campus, offers 9 Bachelor programs within the framework of Faculté Saint-Jean, and 4 college programs within the framework of the Centre collégial de l'Alberta. Faculté Saint-Jean also offers graduate-level transdisciplinary programs.

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La Centrale is Campus Saint-Jean's centre for the development of excellence - we are there to support and elevate your academic success and to optimise your preparation for your career.

We cover 5 areas:

Due to the large number of questions on the terms of the Fall 2020 academic year, we have grouped the answers to the most frequently asked questions on the Fall 2020 term FAQ page. Discover below the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

  • When will Campus Saint-Jean reopen?
    Campus Saint-Jean follows and applies the guidelines established by the University of Alberta. If the Campus services are fully functional virtually, no date has yet been set for the reopening of the buildings.
  • Which courses will not be offered online?
    Almost all courses will be offered online - only a very limited number of courses will be offered face-to-face - the list of those courses will be announced when available.
  • Will budget cuts lead to course cancellations?
    No, all the courses displayed will be provided, except in the case of too few students.
  • When will the courses return face-to-face?
    For the start of the school year, the majority of the courses will be offered online until December. If the situation has not improved before the winter semester, the same policy will apply in the winter semester.
  • How will Residences - including Résidence Saint-Jean - work?
    We have not yet received information on the use of the Residences. If the rooms are individual, the kitchens are shared; this can present a challenge in terms of social distancing.
  • What to do for housing? Should we look for accommodation and settle there for the start of the new school year?
    Unfortunately, we cannot advise you on this subject, not knowing precisely how the Back to School will take place at this stage. We can only indicate that if there is no accommodation at the start of the school year, it will probably be more complicated to find accommodation during the year.
  • How can we access Bibliothèque Saint-Jean (the University of Alberta's library at Campus Saint-Jean)?
    The University of Alberta Library Service is in the process of partially and gradually reopening their facilities. For now, if the Library remains closed, some services are available online. More information on the Libraries site.

More frequently asked questions on the Fall 2020 term FAQ page.



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