The "Everything to Succeed" Transition Program

Welcome to Campus Saint-Jean! Your next step to success? Enrolling in the free "Everything to Succeed" transition program!

August 12 to 23, 2024, at Campus Saint-Jean

Registration deadline is August 4, 2024!


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La date limite des inscriptions est le 4 août 2024 / registration deadline is August 4, 2024 !

For whom: 

  • All new students at Campus Saint-Jean
  • From all programs (French, French immersion, English, international)
  • Going to all our undergraduate programs (Arts and Sciences, Education, Engineering, Nursing) and college programs - Centre collégial de l’Alberta (CCA) at Campus Saint-Jean.

To provide: 

  • An academic orientation that will guide you through your student life essential skills that will help you build a strong foundation in your academic journey and training, and 
  • Preparation for your professional career.


  • Get a head start and save time by becoming familiar with the requirements of your chosen program 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • Develop new knowledge and practices 
  • Preparation for professional careers 
  • Language support in French and English to facilitate your academic learning and presentation work, or to actively participate in class

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La date limite des inscriptions est le 4 août 2024 / registration deadline is August 4, 2024 !


What does the program include?

Information on the resources available at Campus Saint-Jean and Campus North: as a student of the University of Alberta, it is your right to use all the services available on the University campuses (e.g. Therapeutic Counselling, social services, medical consultations at the University Health Centre, etc.). A list of all services will be provided for your selection.  

Campus and Neighbourhood Tour: This outdoor activity will allow you to explore Campus Saint-Jean, North Campus, and the surrounding Strathcona and Bonnie Doon neighbourhoods, which is one of the communities from which the city of Edmonton has grown. You will find the shopping centers very close by with distances between 10 and 15 minutes walking distance from Campus Saint-Jean.

Communication: This part of the program will allow you to acquire knowledge of argumentation, in both French and English, including listening, writing, and comprehension practices. Communication also takes into account presentation forms such as Powerpoint (PPT), which is the most frequently used presentation at the university (how to create a PPT file, how to add images, text, animations, etc.).

Leadership: will allow you to develop cross-cutting skills that will help you work in a group, use the right modes of communication, and will be a competitive advantage on your resume when looking for a job.

Professionalism and Ethics, Student Code of Conduct: It is important to know the academic rules and expectations of student life. This training will allow you to know the important things that will serve you throughout your career.

Teamwork: Working in a group is sometimes difficult to manage but necessary. It is therefore very important to know the challenges of working in a group in order to succeed on campus and in the work world.

Research and citation: all academic and professional work has a research component, and it is essential to know the process from the libraries, which are the trusted sources of all academic literature. You must recognize the trusted sources among all the misinformation. Academic citation in your work is also an indispensable element, you must know the tools to properly conduct your research and academic citations.

Create a budget: the transition from high school will require taking personal charge of your student life. It is therefore important to know how to manage your budget so that you can meet all your expenses without unpleasant surprises.

Effective Time Management: This session aims to raise awareness of the volume of classes, speed of teaching at the university, and personal work/study time that are necessary to consider when beginning university studies. The session will also offer insight into the benefits of using the Google Calendar used throughout the university. At the end of the session, you will be able to know how to manage your time and especially reduce the stress and anxiety related to deadlines for large assignments, towards a successful academic career.

eClass: this is the main platform where all your courses and syllabi are located. After the training, you will be able to: navigate, know how to interact with your teachers, know how to turn in your assignments, and participate in group work.

Bear Tracks: is your own personal platform that allows you to: choose your courses, view your course schedule, see your assignments and exam results, download all academic forms. After the training, you will be able to navigate Bear Tracks without difficulty.

Word, Excel, PPT, Adobe, Zoom, Google Meet, and more. You will learn how to use these programs and their functions for application in personal work.

To offer: 

  • Unique, interdisciplinary activities based on the escape room or obstacle course concept initiated as a group of participants with student mentors. 
  • Activities that will allow you to apply and practice your acquired knowledge and skills to find solutions to universal challenges. 
  • Activities will consist of sciences, arts, communications, languages, and that will require the use of basic skills such as time and budget planning, problem solving, research, and software. 

The "Everything to Succeed" transition program is designed for you to access in-person. Resources will be available online on the eClass course platform if you are unable to attend Campus Saint-Jean in person.

  • Face-to-face: on campus, in class and outside
  • Online: all resources will be available online after the program for all students registered at Campus Saint-Jean.
  • All handouts electronically, on eClass
  • Campus Saint-Jean UofA water bottle
  • Student Wellness Materials
  • Orientation Kit

* Note that the Transition Program does not offer credit courses.

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La date limite des inscriptions est le 4 août 2024 / registration deadline is August 4, 2024 !


And connect with our mentorship team!

The Campus Saint-Jean mentoring program is an initiative of La Centrale CSJ. You'll have the opportunity to connect with a mentor of your choice throughout your first year. It's a lot easier to ask an experienced student a difficult question to make your student experience easier. So don't hesitate, it's free and it's for your success and excellence!


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Can I register after August 12, 2024?
What will I need to bring with me?
  • Bring food and drinks/bottles - Campus has drinking water fountains
  • Laptop computer 
  • Gear for outdoor activities (clothing depending on the weather) 
How long will eClass be open, and what information is available?
All resources on eClass will remain available until you have completed your first year.
Does my first year enrollment at Campus Saint-Jean automatically qualify me for the "Everything to Succeed" Transition Program?

Yes, your registration at Campus Saint-Jean automatically entitles you to the Transition Program. No other fees are required. 

I may be absent from one or more sessions of the program. Is this acceptable?

Although it is strongly recommended that you attend all sessions, circumstances may arise. You can make up for this later by consulting the resources that will be on eClass.


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Pour t'inscrire / Register now

La date limite des inscriptions est le 4 août 2024 / registration deadline is August 4, 2024 !