Undergraduate Research

The mission of Campus Saint-Jean's undergraduate research program is to develop a research culture among students. More specifically, it aims to cultivate and support research opportunities between students and university researchers.

The Campus Saint-Jean Research Office is responsible for administering the research grants program offered to undergraduate students. These scholarships are available only to students enrolled in undergraduate programs at Campus Saint-Jean. Students are responsible for finding a supervisor for their projects.

This program includes the following three scholarships:

Roger S. Smith Scholarship (4 awards)

Eligibility criteria: Students currently enrolled in a B.A. or B.Ed. program at the Faculté Saint Jean, and who will be enrolled in September of the following year.

How do I apply? Students must submit their application to their supervising professor before March 22, 2024. The supervising professor must send the final application electronically directly to the research office before 11.59 p.m. on 29 March 2024 to csjrecherche@ualberta.ca

Instructions (French .doc)

Application Form (French .doc)

Apprentice Researcher Scholarships (8 awards)

Eligibility criteria: Must be a full-time undergraduate student enrolled at the University of Alberta who will be enrolled in September of the following year.

Instructions (French .doc)

Application Form (French .doc)

CNFS (Consortium National de Formation en Santé) Scholarships (4 awards)

Eligibility criteria: The theme of your project must be in line with the CNFS's objectives, which focus on carrying out research projects aimed at improving French-language health services and strengthening the training of health human resources offered by CNFS member institutions in Francophone minority communities.

Students applying for this scholarship must be supervised by one of the members of the GRIF-SF research group.

Instructions (French .doc)

Application Form (French .doc)

How do I submit an application?

  • All scholarship applications, with the exception of the Roger S. Smith scholarship must be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address no later than 29 March 2024: csjrecherche@ualberta.ca. No applications will be accepted after this date.
  • Only the application for the Roger S. Smith Scholarship must be submitted by the supervisor to the same e-mail address: csjrecherche@ualberta.ca. For the other scholarships, this is the student's responsibility.

Note: If you have received a scholarship in the past, you are not eligible to apply for the same scholarship again, however you are allowed to apply for another scholarship. For example, if you received a CNFS scholarship last year, you may apply for a scholarship other than the CNFS scholarship.


For further information

Contact csjrecherche@ualberta.ca

The Research Office also liaises with a number of internal (URI) and external undergraduate research fellowship programs: