Groupe de Recherche Interdisciplinaire et de Formation en Santé des Francophones (GRIF-SF)

Research focus

This research group will focus on health of francophones, especially those in a minority setting. The research will be extended to other minority groups through comparative studies on health related issues.


This research group was created after the following important health-related issues were raised as a result of a growing interest in health related topics marked by important points:

  • The health of francophones in minority settings in Canada is becoming a research problem.
  • The growing interest and willingness of CSJ researchers to get involved in health research.
  • CSJ's willingness to encourage multidisciplinary research initiatives involving various health determinants and help improve access to health services.
  • Implementation at CSJ of support structures for health research (a research office and a national Consortium for health training coordination, for example).


  • To increase the potential to carry out research on the health of francophones so as to contribute in improving the health and well-being of francophone communities.


  • To develop individual and collaborative research that examine the relationship between health and its determinants.
  • To expand the scope of studies generated by the group and its members and to increase the group productivity.
  • To gain and maintain credibility for targeted funding agencies.
  • To maintain continuity and sustainability in research projects on health issues relevant to francophones in minority settings.
  • To train apprentice-researchers on health topics.


  • To etablish a network of researchers who are willing to contribute to the development of health knowledge and the well-being of francophones.
  • To organise and to harmonize activities of CSJ researchers who are interested in health topics.
  • To facilitate exchanges and collaborations with researchers of other Faculties of the University of Alberta as well as Community leaders who are interested in health related issues.
  • To develop and to maintain the social issues surrounding research on the health and well- being of francophones by encouraging and promoting participative and Community research.
  • To ensure knowledge transfer and to implement research results in order to contribute to the enhancement of health topics and the well-being of francophones.