Why Campus Saint-Jean

Studying in French in Western Canada

Campus Saint-Jean is the only francophone postsecondary institution to the West of Manitoba. On this Campus, French is omnipresent, even outside the classroom. French is the language of workm of research, and in social settings from the minibus to the Résidence Saint-Jean. 

Here, we live in French!

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Elligibility to a diverse scholarship offering

Students at Campus Saint-Jean have access to multiple scholarships at the University of Alberta. Further, several scholarships from the francophone community are intended for students studying in French. 

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Participate in international exchange programs

You are a citizen of the globe, why not study abroad?

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Explore and join an inclusive community rich in cultural diversity

Unity. Diversity. University. 

Campus Saint-Jean gathers students and employees from all over the global francophonie. 

Receive individualised support for your studies

On average, classes at Campus Saint-Jean only have 25 students. When you study in our classes, you will benefit from a close relationship with your instructors and classmates. 


Gain access to fine-point technology

The University of Alberta has the most modern technology. Whether it be for your online classes on eClass or for specialised research, the University of Alberta has the tools to help you explore and learn. 

Participate in stimulating and enriching student life with 1000 other students

Whether you are interested in intra-murals or student politics, you will find a student club full of others who share your interest at Campus Saint-Jean. Join groups for sports, arts, or social justice!

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Learn and master another language

With French as a language of life in the Saint-Jean community, you will have the opportunity to learn and perfect this language. Being a small francophone community within an anglophone majority province and a University which requires competence in English, all graduates of Campus Saint-Jean fluently speak both official languages of Canada. 

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Choose from a variety of complementary programs

Between the certificates and diplomas at the Centre collégial de l'Alberta, a variety of bachelor's degrees, both bilingual and entirely francophone and with a plethora of majors and minors, and a series of masters and doctorate programs, you have multiple opportunities to learn at CSJ. 

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Become educated at and receive a degree from a prestigious institution

The University of Alberta is ranked among the 5 top universities in Canada and in the top 100 in the world. Its research and its degrees are recognized globally.