Drawing on its cultural origins and concerned about the fate of the Francophonie, both in Alberta and internationally, Campus Saint-Jean aims to be an intellectual focal point for examining the many challenges facing the Francophonie today and for thinking about the changes that will change its face in the future.

A model of research excellence within the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean aims to establish itself as a key research institution in the sciences, arts, social sciences, education and language teaching. With just forty researchers, the Campus already stands out for the interdisciplinary nature of its research, encouraging alliances and collaborations between disciplines. And despite its size, the Campus is home to more than 80 research projects in 14 areas of expertise.

Research at Campus Saint-Jean stands out for its innovation, interdisciplinary collegiality, unbridled creativity and unusual solutions. Come and discover us!

Samira ElAtia
Vice Dean, Research & Graduate Studies
Ph: 780-465-8630

Julie Stephens
Research Facilitator
Ph: 780-492-9189

Komla Essiomle
Research Development Officer

Noelle Nyakadekere
Research Support Coordinator
B-01C Pavillon McMahon
Ph: 780-485-8641

Research Office

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