Giving to Campus Saint-Jean

Giving to Campus Saint-Jean is investing in the future.

  • An ambitious academic vision aimed at all aspects of individual growth.
  • High-quality programs geared towards 21st-Century challenges.
  • Well-respected and dedicated professors.
  • Innovative and visionary interdisciplinary research projects.
  • A key institution part of a world-renowned university.
  • A diverse student body.

Areas of priority



Thanks to researchers with international reputations and over 80 research projects underway, Campus Saint-Jean offers its students a rich and stimulating intellectual environment. Better yet, as a smaller institution, we afford our students more opportunities to actively contribute.

To learn more about current projects, click here: Research Activities

Program Development and Extra-Curricular Activities

Campus Saint-Jean has earmarked development of career programs to provide more choices to Franco-Albertans pursuing a postsecondary education in French. Any contribution will enable us to further enhance the top-tier programs we aim to deliver.

For university programs, our vision is to support the education and social development of our students by offering a broader range of learning opportunities outside the classroom. Through simulations, laboratory experiments, seminars, international internships and community development projects, we encourage learning to continue beyond the classroom - in a more relaxed yet equally rewarding context. In short, experience that allows students to make choices, discover their own values ... to awaken their self-knowledge ... to earn their "passport to a rewarding career!" Such experiences often go unlisted in our official curriculum, even though they're crucial complements to a student's formal education. Hence, we solicit financial support for these activities.

In fact, that is the reason for establishing our "Dean's Fund." Now, you can make a direct contribution to the future of today's students. So lend a hand to open up opportunities for our youth. Help us to further invest in their dreams! Give to the Dean's Fund today!


With life getting busier than ever, the cost of living increasing steadily and such an unpredictable economy, the mere act of attending university becomes a huge challenge. Campus Saint-Jean works hard to offer its students more scholarships than ever, so they can devote more time to studying and worry less about making ends meet.

You may contribute to an existing fund or even launch your own scholarship to support the student profile of your choice, or a field of study you wish to advance.

Contact us and we'll gladly answer all your questions about this.

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