Rooted in our community, we aspire to provoke an intellectual curiosity within our students, thus creating the necessary conditions for them to learn to reflect and to actively engage in the future of the community and of society.

CSJ and its collegiate component (Centre collégial de l'Alberta or CCA) propose a quality of education that will prepare their students to blaze new paths towards knowledge and social action by means of technical programs for undergraduate and graduate students. To understand the world is to know it, to tame it, to influence it, to transform it, to serve it, to conquer it and to contribute to the full development of everyone and of society.

College and University Studies

College studies at the Centre collégial de l'Alberta
Undergraduate Studies at Faculté Saint-Jean
Graduate Studies at Faculté Sain-Jean

Continuing Education

Continuing Education at the Centre collégial de l'Alberta

10 reasons to study at CSJ 

  1. Study in French in Western Canada;
  2. Take advantage of the comprehensive Scholarship Program;
  3. Enjoy the possibilities of enriching international exchanges;
  4. Explore the wealth of our cultural diversity;
  5. Access the unique personalized training available through individualized support;
  6. Operate some of the most innovative technology available in the country;
  7. Learn or perfect a new language;
  8. Make the most of a stimulating and enriching student life;
  9. Receive professional development through a wide range of varied and balanced programming;
  10. Be the recipient of prestigious training to be a future Leader of the 21st Century with a degree from the University of Alberta.