About us

The Campus Saint-Jean, a French-language multidisciplinary faculty at the University of Alberta, is committed to integrate knowledge, discovering and citizenship.

Today, nearly 800 students attend the Campus Saint-Jean driven with the desire to finish their post-secondary education in French. They have chosen to study in one of the two college programs (Administration and Tourism), the nine bachelor's programs (arts, sciences, administration, nursing and education included) or one of the two Master's programs in Arts or Education.

Thanks to smaller class groups and a dedicated student residence, the Campus Saint-Jean offers to its students the possibility to live their daily life in French. The members of the Faculty at Campus Saint-Jean share a strong commitment to the quality of their teaching and into the possibility to leverage of the skills, potential and the contribution of the Francophone community in Western Canada.

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History of CSJ

Campus Saint-Jean is the only French-language university-degree program west of Manitoba. The Saint-Jean school was founded in Pincher Creek in 1908 by an Oblate priest as a juniorate, a place to instruct junior members preparing for life in the Oblate order. Three years later, the school moved to its current location overlooking the Mill Creek Ravine, 6 kilometres east of the University of Alberta's main campus. In the 1960s and 1970s, the Collège Saint-Jean grew more affiliated with the University of Alberta, and, in 1976, the Oblate priests officially sold it to the University. In 1977, the Collège changed its name to Faculté Saint-Jean and became a full faculty at the University of Alberta. In October 2005, Saint-Jean was renamed Campus Saint-Jean.

Campus Saint-Jean continues to offer students a unique francophone education. The campus is located on rue Marie-Anne Gaboury (91 Street) in the heart of Edmonton's francophone neighbourhood. The language of communication at the Campus is French, and students are also exposed to cultural events occurring in the city's francophone community.

The present and the future

A full-fledged faculty of the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean is a Canadian academic institution training leaders for the 21st Century and prepared to play a significant role in the global village.

The campus offers a rich and varied education focused on the overall development of individuals and leads many active research projects in different areas of expertise including the arts, sciences, social sciences and education.

With its nine undergraduate programs and two master's programs, the campus brings the best of University of Alberta ... into French!

In addition to being very active locally, the Campus is carving an increasingly prominent place on the stage nationally and internationally. Our students come from more than 30 countries around the world and the faculty also shows a cosmopolitan face. Today, the campus is not longer an Franco-Alberta institution only, but an institution of the Canadian and international Francophonie.

The excellence of our students has undoubtedly contributed to make of the University of Alberta one of the leading Canadian universities. Internationally, the University ranks 59th among the best universities around the world.

Studying or working at Campus Saint-Jean is living a life experience to build tomorrow's society.