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The Campus Saint-Jean mentorship program is an initiative of La Centrale CSJ. Mentoring allows new students to be in direct contact with student mentors, and facilitates the development and transition of new students in their lives and academic careers. The aim of the mentoring programme is twofold: to help new students succeed and to develop the leadership skills of student mentors, while enhancing the student experience of their peers.

To find a mentor

Who are the student mentors?

They are student volunteers who want to have a positive impact on your university transition and your student experience by helping you integrate and flourish at Campus Saint-Jean in your new university experience.

How can a student mentor help me?

Through virtual meetings or in person, the student-mentor will help you make connections within Student Life at Campus Saint-Jean.

Claire Beaudoin

Claire is a third-year student taking a Bachelor of Sciences at Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta. In the summer of 2023, she worked as a student coordinator for the “Everything to Succeed” transition program. During the two-week duration of the program, she helped give incoming students an introduction to the university learning strategies and student life, by providing students with the tools to succeed their university journey. During this program, she used the knowledge she gained in her training to guide students through an experiment in the chemistry lab, and within the student experience as they start their post-secondary life.

Claire has continued offering support to students as a chemistry peer tutor at La Centrale. In this role, she helps students understand the course material of chemistry classes at Campus Saint-Jean. She also has experience teaching and guiding students as a karate instructor. It is with a great pleasure that Claire has committed to continue her journey as a mentor for the new incoming students.

Joachim Bony

Joachim Bony (he) is a fourth year student in the bilingual Bachelor of Commerce program at Campus Saint-Jean (CSJ) of the University of Alberta's School of Business. His CSJ peers also know him as an active representative student serving the student community on campus.

Over the past three years at the UofA, he has held the positions of Vice-President of Operations and Finance for the Association des Universitaires de la Faculté Saint-Jean (AUFSJ), Peer Tutor at La Centrale, the Pole of  Success and  Excellence, and an Assistant Coordinator for the "Everything to Succeed" Transition Program designed for new students.

The common point of all the positions that Joachim has held is the eager to serve his peers and better address their needs. For Joachim, it's all about participating in the student support to build and enhance the Student Experience. He wants to give all students the tools and means to succeed in their university careers. Joachim values the importance of peer mentoring, believing that every student is an integral part of the university community and should not be alone from the moment of admission. That's why Joachim is committed to doing his part by becoming a Student Mentor to support and guide his peers.

Joannie Fogue

Joannie (she) is a dedicated advocate for women and youth who devotes her efforts to policy work, advocacy, and community building.

Currently in her final year of a BA in Political Science and French Literature at the University of Alberta, she has just completed a research and advocacy internship with the Zebra Child and Youth Advocacy Centre.

Joannie is Past President of AUFSJ and Vice-President of Student Life for the University of Alberta Student Union, where she led non-academic advocacy efforts while representing the concerns of more than 32,000 students. She now sits on the Youth Council of the Mental Health Commission of Canada. Joannie has also obtained funding and is actively involved in an assistantship project with RDÉE Canada while pursuing a diploma in social entrepreneurship with the École des entrepreneurs du Québec. These projects aim to create a platform for young Francophones of African descent, focusing on research, advocacy and leadership.

Certificates :

  • International Learning Certificate from the University of Alberta International
  • Certificate in Globalization and Governance from the Department of Political Science
  • Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership from the Peter Lougheed College of Leadership

Elisa Molstad

Having worked in a doctor’s office for over five years, Elisa Molstad developed a passion for science and medicine, inspiring her to pursue a Bachelor of biological sciences at the University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean. Elisa has led patient outreach initiatives during the COVID-19 pandemic, proposed research project ideas in a lab at the University of Alberta where she worked and assisted in developing a novel transition program for new university students.

The training in Leadership and Mentorship as part of the Transition Program at Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta, has only sharpened her knowledge and practice by making her more alert to the self-awareness, compassion, empathy and social intelligence that have enabled her to successfully guide new students from all backgrounds into college, undergraduate and graduate programs at Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta.

Friendly, compassionate and fluent in three languages, Elisa is passionate about helping others navigate their interest in science and assist new university students, uplifting their passion regardless of their program as she believes that Student Life is the driving force of academic success.

Bryan Mouangassa

Kibangou Bryan Mouangassa, currently in 4th year at Campus Saint-Jean, stands out as a passionate student and a dedicated mentor. Actively involved in the French-speaking community, particularly with the “Francophonie jeunesse de l'Alberta” in Edmonton, he uses his skills and experience to develop youth leadership. By designing and delivering training programs and workshops for high school students, he is committed to easing their transition to university.

His active participation in creating spaces where students can learn, develop and thrive makes him an ideal mentor for new grade 12 students entering university. His role within the “Francophonie jeunesse de l'Alberta” allows him to bring a wealth of experiences and perspectives, which is essential in guiding new students through the challenges and opportunities that university life offers.

By joining Campus Saint-Jean, new students will have the opportunity to benefit from the supervision of Kibangou, who is not only an example of academic success, but also a model of leadership and community engagement. His presence as a mentor is an invaluable resource for those seeking to adapt, succeed and make a difference within their new university community.

Ruth Ouraga

Ruth Ouraga is a passionate artist in her third year of undergraduate studies at the University of Alberta's Campus Saint-Jean, in the Bachelor of Science program, majoring in chemistry.

From her early experiences, she delved into the professional world of her parents, and with great admiration for their career paths, she cultivated an interest in the pharmaceutical field. That's why she began her high school years dreaming of her incredible adventure: studying in Canada.

Originally from the Ivory Coast, she immediately learned how to integrate in her new Canadian life, a skill that improved with time. In her field of attraction, chemistry, and various knowledge and skills were passed on to her by her instructors. It is with this in mind that she aims to accompany new students, and give them a taste for living their student experience to the full, starting with the transition program and continuing throughout the year with the peer mentorship program.

Ruth is developing an incredible interest in Chinese, Korean and English. French is her language of expression.

Become a mentor

The Campus Saint-Jean mentoring program is here to help new students integrate into university life by putting the student's experience first.

What is the role of a student mentor?

The student-mentor introduces new students to university life and helps them make connections in Student Life.

Why become a mentor?

The mentoring programme enables you to develop your leadership, listening and communication skills, to help crystallise the positive impact of the global student experience.

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