5 Questions for the U of A Student Service Centre

With the upcoming launch of a new student service portal, Jeremy sat down with an advisor to chat a bit about what students can expect from the Student Service Centre.


The Student Service Centre is here to help you make the most of your university journey.

The experts at the SSC can provide information and access to services to support your academic, financial, mental and physical well-being. If they can’t answer your questions, they’ll connect you with someone who can.

With the upcoming launch of a new student service portal, I sat down with an advisor to chat a bit about what students can expect from the Student Service Centre.

1. When should a U of A student contact the SSC?

We welcome all students (current, prospective and former) to contact us and are happy to be the first point of contact for your questions. If it’s within the scope of our knowledge, we will advise and if not, we know who would be best positioned to help you. If you already know your question is best suited for an advisor in your home Faculty, such as degree planning questions, you’re welcome to contact your Faculty advisor directly.

2. What types of services are available at the SSC? 

Our advisors are equipped to answer general questions on topics including admission, registration, fees, financial support, examinations, records and convocation. Depending on the complexity of the query, we may need to look further into the request or redirect the query to a colleague on campus. 

Be sure to check online first as many services can be fulfilled online either on our websites (ualberta.ca/registrar) or through self-serve portals, such as Bear Tracks or the new Student Services Portal opening November 7. Some examples of services students can access online include submitting award applications, accessing official documents using MyCreds, or applying for convocation in Bear Tracks.  

3. What is the best way to get in touch with an advisor at the SSC? 

We offer a number of different service channels for students to get in touch with an advisor. Consider choosing a channel that best suits your needs: drop-in advising at the Administration building, chatting with a Live Agent using Vera, giving us a phone call at 780-492-3113 or sending a general inquiry. To stay up to date with available service channels and anticipated wait times, check out uab.ca/ask

4. I heard a new Student Service Portal for student inquiries will be released on November 7; What are some benefits of this new system?

The Student Service Portal will enable students to keep track of the requests they submit and see which unit on campus the request is currently being worked on. If a student sees a request is still in-progress, they can feel certain they will receive a reply in a few business days. Additionally, there are a number of articles available for students to review for information without needing to wait for a staff response. When students submit general inquiries the system will encourage the student to check out related articles that may contain the information they are looking for. 

5. As an advisor, what is one thing that you wish every student knew about the SSC?

It’s important to be checking your UAlberta email frequently and to be using this email address when contacting student service offices on campus. When using UAlberta systems, such as the new Student Service Portal - it is strongly recommended to ‘Log In’ to your account by using your CCID. Doing so helps us verify your identity. Protecting your privacy is important to us!

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