University of Alberta Observatory
Weather and Observing Conditions
Sky Conditions

Find the date and time on the Clear Sky Chart below. If the squares in the "cloud cover" and "transparency" rows are dark blue, then it is a good night to view the stars! Advanced astronomers will want to look for dark blue in the "seeing" row as well.

Weather Forecast

Current Conditions

Weather at the EAS weather station.

Aurora Alerts!
Auroral forecast from

Visit Aurora Watch to sign up for email alerts when there is a good chance of seeing the Aurora in the Edmonton region.

The Auroral Oval

Present conditions in the Auroral Oval

When the image (above) is red over Edmonton, then Aurora might be seen.

The Sun (Image from SOHO)

Latest image of the Sun from the SOHO Satellite

Latest image of the Sun from NASA's SOHO Satellite. Courtesy of SOHO/HMI consortium. SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA.

Moon Phase
Useful Astronomy Links

  Heaven's Above provides predictions for satellite and ISS visibility. provides information about the Sun-Earth connection.