Directions to CCIS

The CCIS building is Number 13 on the campus map.

It is South of the Biological Sciences building and East of the National Institute for Nanotechnology. 

The location of the observatory is shown with a red star on the image to the right.

  • The LRT station is a 5 minute walk away from CCIS.
  • Bicycle racks are located near the South entrances to the building.
  • Car parking in Lot V after 4:30pm costs $2.

Directions Inside CCIS

  1. Enter CCIS and walk to the atrium at the West end of the building on the Main floor. The west atrium has a large hanging model of the solar system.
  2. The west elevators are in the back corner towards Saturn, through the side doors next to the washrooms (shown with red arrows on the image to the right).
  3. Take the elevator to the 5th floor.
  4. Turn left as you exit the elevator. You are now at the top of the west atrium. The observatory is in room CCIS 5-240, diagonally across the west atrium, at the Southwest corner of the 5th floor.