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U of A role in building new telescope signals opportunities for astrophysics research and signal processing technology

Astrophysicists Erik Rosolowsky and Gregory Sivakoff are members of an international team which is building a new, state-of-the-art telescope in Chile.


Building on fundamental physics knowledge

As a teenager, Igor Boettcher loved to read about the elementary particles that make up everything in the universe. Now he’s a physics faculty member who develops the mathematical and conceptual framework to understand findings, and proposes new experiments to learn more.


Large-scale computer simulation reveals how magnetic field lines break to produce solar flares and other phenomena

A discovery made through large-scale computer simulations could lead to better understanding of solar flares, geomantic substorms, and gamma-ray bursts, which pose serious dangers to orbiting satellites and telecommunications.


Students convert physics lessons to practical use with undergraduate research projects

Research is messier than portrayed in textbooks, but its rewards include honing new skills and participating in exciting discoveries.