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Large-scale computer simulation reveals how magnetic field lines break to produce solar flares and other phenomena

A discovery made through large-scale computer simulations could lead to better understanding of solar flares, geomantic substorms, and gamma-ray bursts, which pose serious dangers to orbiting satellites and telecommunications.


Students convert physics lessons to practical use with undergraduate research projects

Research is messier than portrayed in textbooks, but its rewards include honing new skills and participating in exciting discoveries.


New funding could help Alberta scientists unlock the quantum internet

New and upgraded nano-fabrication facilities at U of A and University of Calgary will help researchers build next-generation, ultra-secure networks linking quantum computers.


U of A physicist helping build next-generation particle detector to shed new light on dark matter

Aksel Hallin and his team will put their pioneering expertise to work on a newly funded Canadian collaboration aimed at revealing clues to one of the universe’s greatest mysteries.