About the Department

The Department of Physics at the University of Alberta has developed a strong, positive teaching and research environment and a tradition of accolades. We are also committed to serving the community with outreach programs for schools and the general public.

Learning and Research

We offer courses and research opportunities in several disciplines, including Astronomy and Astrophysics, Biophysics, Computational Physics, Condensed Matter Physics, Cosmology and Gravity Physics, Geophysical Sciences, Global Geodynamics and Seismology, Particle Physics (Experimental and Theoretical branches), Plasma Physics and Space Physics.


The High School Physics Talks program brings awareness of current physics research into secondary school classrooms and the campus observatory offers free observing hours as well as special visits for school groups and other youth groups.


Members of the Physics department have received national and international recognition, a point of pride for our department, and also a testament to the support, facilities and opportunities available at the University of Alberta's Department of Physics.

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CCIS planets in the west atrium

Planets in the West Atrium, near the Physics Observatory in the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science building at the University of Alberta.

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