Undergraduate Studies

 Welcome to the home pages for the undergraduate programs in Physics at the University of Alberta!

Our department offers several different degree programs in physics and its specializations: astrophysics, geophysics, mathematical physics, and soon, biophysics. These programs take place in an enriching research university environment, where students have the opportunity to work directly with the researchers making the latest discoveries in physics.

Our research faculty and award-winning teaching staff have developed a program that prepares students to enter the broader world with world-class training in the field, Undergraduate students develop a foundation in physical and mathematical modelling, abstract reasoning, computer programming, data analysis, as well as a rich set of technical skills.  Students frequently participate in laboratory, theoretical, and field research as valued colleagues in our mission of discovery. 

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Stay on this page to see videos about research, physics demos (both below), and the undergraduate experience (see above).

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