Have you wanted to know more about the coolest physics experiments in the world, or learn to use a 3D printer, or just observe the beauty of the skies? The Department of Physics has on-site and on-line resources for the scientifically curious of all ages.

For Everyone

Department of Physics Observatory
Everyone is invited to see the skies through the telescopes at the Department of Physics Observatory, located atop the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science. The observatory is open on Thursdays at lunchtime for solar observing all year round. During the university's academic year, the observatory is open on Thursday evenings for night sky observing. No previous experience is necessary and admission is free.

Aurora Watch
For notifications when there is a good probability that Aurora (Northern Lights) will be visible, sign up for an email alert from Aurora Watch or follow its Twitter account, @aurorawatch.

For University of Alberta Students

The Shack, University of Alberta's Science Makerspace
The Shack brings interdisciplinary undergraduate students into our open-access facility to pursue projects that would not be possible elsewhere. Access to cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies means that students can leverage their university education and their creative skills to bring their ideas to life.

For High School Students

High School Physics Talks
Invite a physics professor to your high school! Local high school teachers can choose a topic that interests their class and invite a professor to visit their classrooms to talk about current University of Alberta research on the topic, and to speak with students who are interested in furthering their studies in physics.

High School Physics Experiments
Physics 30 teachers are invited to bring their classes to Department of Physics undergraduate labs to conduct modern physics experiments and learn about their underlying scientific principles. Classes have the opportunity to conduct experiments in spectroscopy, radioactivity, superconductivity, and electromagnetism. The experiment sessions are run by members of the Department of Physics and no preparation is required.

For Elementary and Junior High Students

Observatory Field Trips
Science 6 and Science 9 teachers can bring their classes to the University of Alberta's Observatory for a daytime or evening tour. Students will view the Sun during daytime visits, or the stars during evening visits. Other education-oriented groups (such as Scouts or Guides) can also book private visits.

Space Camps
The Department of Physics partners with the Faculty of Science to offer summer Space camps at the University of Alberta. Half-day Space camps are offered to children going into Grades 1-2, and full-day camps are offered to children going into Grades 3-4, Grades 5-6, and Grades 7-8. Topics range from learning about constellations to practicing working at mission control!